Sunday, March 05, 2006

My, Me, Mine

Well no pictures, no weather report and no sporting report.... Not a lot to go on then some of you might think. Not quite, but I'm sort of going to start down one path and if it goes onto another and then another I won't be complaining and won't be reeling it back in.

I guess the highlight of yesterday was the culmination of Dancing on Ice on tv. Now it's a simple format, for those not from within the UK, it's basically Dancing with Stars, but on ice. It attracted a big audience on the first night mainly I think as it was reuniting Torvill and Dean, who of course are British institutions. The timing was also good as the Winter Olympics were around the corner and the interest in ice dance is always higher at that point. Anyway it has proved to be an enjoyable series and one which has captured a lot of people's attention. Last night being the final, we got to see a abridged version of Bolero by T&D, and the last two finalist's had to do an interpretation of the same music. Why this along with Strictly Come Dancing (Dancing with Stars) should prove to be a ratings winner I'm not sure, but it has and this was fun.

Apart from that nothing in terms of anything happened yesterday, and that isn't a bad thing, as it does prove that I can have time off work and not do much. This past week has been enjoyable, it hasn't recharged the batteries as much as I would have hoped, but I've a feeling that the next holidays in a couple of weeks time will be the one. The day I spent away from Salford was the most enjoyable day in many ways, as it was different to "normal" and come the week break I take at Lisa's I'll be so charged up after that, that I fear I might explode. I should get away more, but it's not always that simple as it's the cost that matters.

Of course money isn't everything to me, but it does help on some issues. Why doesn't money matter though? Well it's simple, money may make things easier to do, like go on holidays or enjoy a better standard of living, but it doesn't always bring self satisfaction and fullfilment. That is the biggest thing in my life, I've got to be happy with me, if I can't be happy with me who can be? I know I've gone through a lot of things, some of them so painful that I'd wish it on no one, but at the end of the day, it's me who lives my life and not anyone else. I have used this statement before, but it's me who see's through my eyes, no you the reader, it's my heart that pumps the blood around my body, not anyone else's and it's my brain that reacts to every stimulant that I come across, not yours. It's my life and I'm in it for me alone.

That last statement is a bit much coming from me I guess, the person that has volunteered for nearly 20 years with children with special needs, who's only jobs has been with children with special needs. Me being the person who would sacrafice my life for my best friend and family. Thinking though in a more abstract way, I only do that out of MY choice it isn't anyone else who would do that? Well perhaps they would, but not for the people I would, and that makes it unique to me, and thus MY choice and MY life. Am I selfish? No I'm not selfish by thinking the way I am, as I said before, no one but ME lives my life and I'm the one with the inside track as to how I need to go about things. Lisa has the best idea of anyone else as to what makes me tick and it's why I turn to her so much. I'm sure that any one who reads this post will have a person who knows them as well as they know themselves and it's the person that they turn too in the moments of crisis or when they are really down.

I can't preach here by declaring that you have to recipricate that for the other person, I'm sure most people would do so, and that in itself is a thing of pride for myself in that I can let others use me for that purpose, knowing that often I won't ask for the same in return. For I see that apart from a select few, i.e. those that have been through similar or those that have grown up with me, are the only ones that really know how to handle my sudden mood swings, or my really acrid remarks when I'm peeved off with them or others.

Enough of all this stuff, I'd wandered down that road and though some of it was thought out before typing it. I had a small break in the process of writing, but that was only for nature and too get dressed. I continued the the line of where I left off. This was a random post, but I'm happy with it, even if it's out of synch with the last few posts. I'm happy, I'm enjoying things, but they can turn, but here's hoping not.

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