Thursday, March 29, 2012

Yay, Grrr, Yay, Grrr.......

Back in February I explained the stupid situation that had taken place at the estate agents with whom I rented my flat from.  My foot was not too pleased and I was on crutches for a while, and even though I've now dispensed and returned the crutches to the hospital I still feel the effects of the injury when walking too far or too quickly though it isn't a real issue.  

However the issue that caused the situation was money owed by me to them and the dispute over how much.  I had worked out that I owed a little amount and they then claimed I was no where near finishing payments etc. and I got quite stressed by it all.  Well after getting some money that I hadn't expected a few weeks back now I intended to pay the remainder off today.  I had a good idea of how much I owed and even though I didn't really want to use all the new money I knew it would be wiser if I did and thus settle that debt.  About 4 weeks ago I requested a statement from the estate agents telling me how much I owed, but it never arrived, so this morning I went to do my washing but also to pay my debts off.

On getting into the office I asked would they contact the person who deals with this and confirm how much I owed so I could write the cheque for them.  The total I was given was significantly less than what I had presumed, in fact it was no where near what I thought it was.  I asked for them to get the person to call me, as she was heading into a meeting.  I know it was a lot less than what I expected, and I shouldn't have complained, but with all the messing around previously I didn't exactly trust them.  So I waited for the call while doing my clothes wash, no call came.  So on packing my clothes back into my bags I went next door to the office and got put through to the person in charge.  It was then explained that the amount I owed was indeed the lesser figure and the higher total quoted to me previously after I'd lashed out with my foot was only so high as they hadn't had my benefit in yet.  This is good news, I'd have more money in my account than I had thought I would.

This though has left me pissed off and happy at the same time, I know I was stupid back in February, and I'm still not over that yet.  Howver all that was for nothing now, as MY calculations which I'd done previously before asking for official confirmation of what I then owed were indeed correct.  Even when they came back to me with the reduced figure without explaining the situation with my benefit, I accepted though I wasn't quite sure how they'd got to that amount.  Now though it's paid off, I'm free of that debt, I can work on the other, and whilst I know it's going to take time to pay that off, I have a bit of money to play with now and so I have a smile on my face, though I'm really pissed off at the estate agents.  

It's a strange feeling to be so angry and so happy at the same thing, I don't think I've been in this situation before..  So I move on and carry on living.  and sorting my monies out again.  Though with the good news that I'm also do an upgrade on my phone. Which means after 15 months of using an old phone after losing my previous one I can get back up to date with a smart phone and forget about the feeling in the dark ages with the one I've got.  It's served it's purpose and I'm grateful for that, but it will be good to get back to a phone I can do so much more on than what I can now. 

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