Monday, March 19, 2012


Oh my!!  I have just returned after a walk only a 4 mile walk and it took me just over 1 hour.  That's shocking time wise, and what's worse is that felt it as well.  Now OK, I am recovering from a badly damaged foot, a water infection and of course a heavy cold, so I have to take into account that I'm not in the greatest of shapes because of that.  So I'm going to have to really work hard to improve that time and then push on to get back to 5 miles in an hour.  It's certainly an incentive to get out walking again.  

As I started to walk I decided to try and remember what I was thinking through the walk what was motivating me or what I was trying to use to motivate me to walk.  My mind was on what sort of time I'd manage and what route I'd take.  As this was the first walk in a while I knew I was going to go on my trusted route this time, however I had forgot how long it was distance wise.  Thus half way through it dawned on me that instead of the 5 miles I had in my head it was only the 4 mile course and that sort of woke me up. Still I can use this time as a base to improve on.  I tend to fantasise whilst I'm walking of what it would be like to be different, to be "normal" to be rich, to have some power etc.  My mind is odd normally, but even stranger when I'm walking.  

However, on a more sombre note, one of the other residents in the house in which I live (we have our seperate flats) was rushed to hospital this morning, it was very serious and so on returning to the house after my walk the police were arriving looking to gain entry into the flat they live in.  I hope she's OK, but it wasn't sounding good this morning and it's not looking to promising either.  In that respect this weekend hasn't been a nice one.  I just hope that she pulls through, that Muamba pulls through and my thoughts go out to the Kelly family in Scotland for the loss of a family member when they should be celebrating a success. 

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