Thursday, March 22, 2012

Food for Thought???

It's coming up to 8am, I've been up for about an hour now, though I've been awake since roughly 5am, and for once I'm a little bored in the morning. Maybe because there is nothing to watch or none of the news outlets are giving me a variety of news stories I don't know, however this morning is quite odd.  It doesn't help when for some reason I'm craving for a bacon and cheese toasted sandwich for breakfast.  Something I've not had for a good 10 or 12 years to be honest.  Still I've got a busy day ahead of me eventually, so I'm not going to be bored for too long.  

Ahead of me today lies a meeting, and a walk so they'll certainly divert my mind away from it's non-functioning state onto something at least.  I do have programmes to watch, but I am thinking I want to keep them for later, though why that is I don't know.  By the time I've been for a walk or had the meeting I may have more things to do or found something to do which will occupy me.  So I guess I should sit and watch the shows that I've got and see what happens later.  

What is odd though is that most mornings I'm alive and active in mind, constantly running through things and being alert to news and stories and interested in what's going on.  Today isn't like that and that's odd as I'm more a morning person than most.  Oh well it is a one off I guess and perhaps I should ignore it.  

Yesterday was a quiet day in many ways a trip to Leigh didn't bring anything new up, I didn't get any of the feedback forms from last weeks presentation back, those will be chased up this for next week, so I can then build upon them.  I do want them filling in as I want to expand the presentation and want to develop it.  Having only verbal positives is fine, but written and constructive responses gives me a chance to evaluate it more.  I know it can get better and will, but at this point in time as I do every year after I've given this to the students I'm starting to question what they learnt from it and if it's any good.  I'd love to be able to go out to other colleges with it and perhaps be able to make a little bit of money if I can, but self confidence has so far stopped me.  I don't know what the written comments will do to change that, but I'm convinced that they will.  

Oh, I've read this back and whilst I have the chance to delete it, I'm leaving it.  I'm not falling into one of my dark moods, today is an odd day, and the self confidence well that's the case in good or bad days as we know.  This is a negative sounding post and I guess that whilst I write this I'm in a negative mood, however after walking and the meeting I may have taken a 180 degree turn and be bouncing and bubbly.  This is just a snap shot of how I feel right now at this point in the day.  I had no idea of what I could or should do as I'd seen all the news I wanted to, nothing was screaming out to go look and join in any discussion, and it was pre 8am, and less than an hour sincce getting up.  That's significant as I don't like having breakfast within the first hour of getting up at the moment.  This isn't to say I don't do it or have never done it.  In fact it's quite a new thing and only done since I had money issues.  Not buying copious amounts of food, and generally only having breakfast and an evening meal, with lunch being a rarity, eating at 7am and then between 6-7pm made the days rather longer.  Eating breakfast that bit later means I can go the day really without much of a lunch.  

That's something I thought I'd never write, but I have done and it's made me laugh writing it, as today seems to be a day when all I'm going to be thinking about is food.  This post started on food and now seems to be finishing about it, maybe that's the issue as to why I'm so none plus about today so far, because I need food.  I shouldn't mind as I had quite a large tea last night and something that I don't have often either and something I really enjoyed a nice steak.  So perhaps it's that?  Which signals the end of the post, I'm going put the kettle on, make myself my second cuppa of the day, then put the toast on and make breakfast and then engage in getting ready for the day.  Let's see if that does anything for me, if that gives me the spark to enjoy what looks like it's going to be a beautiful sunny spring day.

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