Thursday, March 08, 2012

The warblings of a sick note.

I've come down with a head cold since I had a shower on Tuesday morning, and I'm not impressed by it what so ever.  Though I've had plenty worse colds than this and this is probably the only cold I've had all winter, it's a real nasty thing.  I've a cough and  my nose is well, it's congested, but it isn't.  It feels like I want to sneeze all the time, but can't because it's congested,.  I'm also aching some what, which doesn't help considering I'm still recoving from my foot injury.  

So I've been drinking plenty of honey and lemon today and had a big bowl of chicken soup for lunch, but I can't say that had the feel good power that it's so often does have.  If I'm honest I'm slumping into a malaise, primarily due to the cold and for no other reason.  I'm feeling sorry for myself and I'm not getting any attention as such.  Not that Ive asked for any if you know what I mean.  

In the past week I've read two books, and really enjoyed doing so, today I collected a third book, but I'm not feeling motivated to even begin reading it, which is a slight problem, but one I'll force myself out of.  I'll settle down later tonight and complete the first chapter and take it from there.  However, that's the sort of mood I'm in.  It didn't help with some kids being kids this afternoon.  I know them and they don't mean anything by it, but they passed comment and I just felt slightly upset by it.  I wouldn't mind, but I helped them out as well prior to them saying what they did.  I can't really take it out on them, the oldest can only be 9 or 10, but still when your not well, not feeling 100% the defences are down.  

On to the next day or so, I'm hoping this cold goes and I can go about every day life feeling so much better.  I've got my presentation to give to the students next Wednesday over in Leigh, and whilst I know I should be running through that, again I've got not get up and go to do so today.  I'm out next Thursday afternoon for an hour or so as well.  I will be seeing an old friend for coffee.  That should be enjoyable, well it will be if I'm over the bloody cold.  I may also go do something I've not done for some time next week, I'll see how it goes, but hey I may be brave, stupid and reckless.  Which perhaps is not like me, well it is, or it was or at least I always thought it was. 

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