Friday, March 23, 2012

Challenging myself

I got through yesterday, I ate enough, just enough to see me through till this morning.  I made a wonderful chilli late in the evening, so ended up eating at 8pm.  However, I've some left and so I'll keep that for a few days time when I do pancakes, as I'll have instant filler for them..  

On Monday I mentioned how one of the residents in the house had been taken to hospital, either on Monday or at some point in the week.  Yesterday, I found that she had passed away.  I hardly knew her, though she'd been here in the house for as long if not longer than myself perhaps.  I'm not a great fan of her partner, but I wouldn't wish this sort of thing on anyone.  It's added a dark edge to this week, after the events of last weekend, I just feel that this week, which had seemed to be a bright fun week last Friday night has turned into a jaded fun week.  The extra element is missing.  

However, I have managed to bring my walking times down which is good, I'll soon be back up to speed on that, and looking at what to do with that next.  I can't see any Manchester Shine walk for this year online, so perhaps they are taking a break from that.  Whilst I may offer my help to St. Anne's hospice a 10km walk is no longer a challenge as such now, I want to go further and push myself and challenge myself.  I'll see what I can find to do that soon.  

The weekend is upon us, and of course I hope that this forthcoming week is brighter than the last.  I'm due to see a doctor over my hand on Tuesday, up at Salford Gateway, so I may end up going for a walk up to there rather than getting the bus.  It will depend on the weather of course.  It would be a really nice walk over there, and interesting to see what the state of Salford Shopping City is today.  I've not been around there for ages, and certainly not since last August's "riots".  It was on it's last legs last time I was there, so I dread to think in many ways what it's like now. 

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