Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Reading is good.

Once more I enter into the blog, once more I offer up what's on my mind.  My last post talked about my reasoning to panic with relation to my best friend, and I can't recall now if it was prior or not to her response without looking.  However I don't want to do that, as it may influence what I'm going to type in the this entry.

Since then my mood has been as smooth as a babies bottom as the one phrase goes.  I've just had no reason to get upset or to high.  I have been reading quite a bit since then, having picked up a couple of books so far from the library.  I think I'd picked up one up just after my previous post, and have read that book in 2 or 3 days, I took that back yesterday and am now just under half way through my next book.  I've a further two books on order to read, so hopefully by the time I complete this book another book will be ready for me to read and then again after completing that on I'll be ready for the next and then with a bit of luck another book will be in need of purchasing.

Talking of money, I got a big break over the weekend, I got a tax rebate which equates to a considerable amount of money for me.  That will go to the estate agents in a couple of weeks and leave me with some, not much left over.  That means that debt will be paid off and will leave me with my other one to pay off.  I'll continue to pay the same sort of money I'm paying now every two weeks, so I won't have any extra money for now, but by my calculations I should be clear of debts now by late November.  This of course is good news, it means that I will be slightly better off and possibly have money to spend on the odd special item as such, like concert tickets or new clothes or something.  Money issues have been a major issue over the past couple of years and to be free of that will be nice.  I will be able to take that off my worry list and perhaps start to move forward, whilst also saving up to pay some people back.  They may not want me to do that, but I will make some effort.  

Any how, what next?  Well I'm back at the doctors tomorrow, I want the nurse to look at my hand again, it really hasn't improved, it's not got any worse either so I don't know what to make of it.  I will also try and get another water sample to them, to see if I'm free of the water infection that I've had, and to get a new prescription for myself.  Apart from that not a lot has gone on of late, I've been good and kept myself busy whilst making sure not to spend too much money. 

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