Monday, March 26, 2012

Fruity Sunday

Another sunny morning here in Salford, another morning sky without a cloud and already the sun is as bright as it gets on many a summer's day here in this wonderful city of mine.  The weather as with the rest of the UK these past few days has been wonderful and long may it last I say.  

Yesterday was the day of the year so far, and may be one of the best of the year come the review in December.  The weather was perfect, and whilst I had asked others if they wanted to come out and walk with me, I ended up on my own.  Whilst out walking I had one of my moments where nothing matters, I find the peace and joy of being alone and experiencing everything myself, whilst also at the same time wishing to share with others.  The frown that I had been carrying vanished, a smile emerged and the much discussed debate over solitude opened up in my mind for a few minutes.  I didn't push myself walking yesterday, I did that last week when I pushed myself aorund the short daily course and suffered consequently, this was just a gentle paced walk.  However, as I sit and type this I know that perhaps I did too much, my foot is feeling sore which suggests that a 7 or 8 mile stroll wasn't the greatest idea I could do.  When I say sore, it's not achingly sore, more sore when walking.  So perhaps I need to reign in my walking not go as often till it heals properly.  I'll see how this week goes first though.  

Once home in the early throws of the afternoon, I relaxed I had some strawberries and cream in the fridge, and having had the "moment" earlier on I knew I had to have them in the afternoon rather than waiting till later.  The reason being that with what had happened in the house last week, and then the moment I was thinking of both my dad and cousin, both of whom have passed away.  Both of whom when it came to strawberries and cream, were crazy enough that arguements would fly over who had the most, or how a bigger strawberry was the same as two little ones, and that we'd all have to have equal portions.  I kid you not, if all 3 were together and that was rare considering my cousin lived in Canada, the arguements became rather heated over the strawberries.  So having been thinking about how much I missed them both, the fruit came out and on a warm spring day I sat down, with them dunking them into the cream, whilst watching an episode of the excellent BBC 3 series Lip Service.  I don't think I could have created a better scenario if I had tried.  It was all spur of the moment, and that's what made it so special.  

Come the evening things were a bit quieter, though it got colder as was to be expected, it was still warm.  I followed the hockey online and the Oilers won again, though after my last attemtps to listen live to the game proved fatal almost, I kept it to twitter updates and that proved a more scuccessful way of following the Oil.  Another poor season for the Oilers this year results wise.  However, the development of our young talent is important and I feel that with one or two additions to the roster, and some departures in the summer we could be looking at the play-off's next year.  However the thing is we have to keep healthy.  Every season of late we seem to lose a crazy number of games from the players and that just disrupts the whole team.  Still I said at the start of this season that 29th would be an improvement after 2 dead last seasons in a row.  With 7 or 8 games left we lie in 27th, and so things are good.  

Onto this week, more walking for sure, I've got a medical appointment tomorrow morning with regards my hand, the injury sustained in the fall I had before Christmas.  It's not gone away, though it isn't as sensitive as it was, it is still not right.  As I neared home from the walk yesterday I went to shut the water bottle cap down, and used the heel of my hand, but caught the point where I fell, the pain was dreadful.  Obviously something isn't quite right with it.  Hopefully we'll get some sort of answer tomorrow.  However, knowing my luck it won't be the answer that I'm expecting I guess. Apart from that things will be rather quiet this week I feel.  Though I'm sure I'll find things to talk or write about in due course.

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