Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pushing Buttons

It's  now 8.36pm, and another day is over.  I sit down and ponder what to write, what stikes me more than anything is the silence.  It's almost absolute, the only things audiable is the faint hum of the fan on the computer.  The window in my room is open, but not a car or child can be heard from it.  It's strange, it's really strange, as even in the dead of most nights I hear something, but not tonight.  

Today hasn't been great in many ways.  I had a medical appointment this morning, with regards my hand where I fell a while back.  So at 10am, I set off on a walk to the medical centre which was a couple of miles away.  Knowing that I'd be there on time, but I didn't want to have to really push myself walking on another wonderfully sunny day.  After bumping into some old neighbours and having a chat I continued my walk and got to the medical centre in plenty of time.  Only to find that they had no record of me on the computers, so I was advised to go upstairs to the receptions up there and see if they had any record of my appointment.  Well this is me, this is me writing so you can imagine they didn't have any record of me and told me to return downstairs which I did.  I spoke to someone else this time and after she'd declared I had no medical records at all, only to figure she'd typed the wrong date of birth, we got some success.  They indeed have an appointment for me, but on the 17th April at 8.45am.  I wasn't happy, so they gave me the phone number of the clinc and I promptly rang them explaining that I'd had no written confirmation of this appointment or any written notification of it being cancelled and rearragned.  I explained that I wanted a later time in the morning and have altered my appointment since.  

However that did mean that I had walked to and from for no reason, I could have done a much more rewarding walk locally, but I guess that was my punishment for winding up one of my friends all day.  Being a City fan it's easy to wind him up, and more so if United have had any sort of decision go our way.  Push one or two buttons and away he goes, and boy did he fly today.  He did try to blame me for his failed attempt at some new sauce on his ice cream van.  Though when he described it to me, it was Mango and mixed fruit, to the next customer it was Mango and Apple, later on it was Mango and Grapefruit.  This is the same person that forgot to put his clocks forward on Sunday and in doing so was over an hour late picking his wife, and also drove to Wigan in his ice cream van, and then jumped in his cousin's car and got all the way back to Manchester only to remember he'd gone up in his van and had left it in Wigan.  So how he can blame me I don't know.  

So whilst not being constructive today has been fun, and the weather has been beautiful again.  I'm currently debating as if I should sign up and do the Manchester Shine Walk this year.  It's a marathon length walk, it's tempting but my only worry is my foot and knee right now.  I'm sure that I'd get through it no worries, and I guess I should bite the bullet as such, but I'm not sure about it just yet.  Let's see shall we??

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