Sunday, March 18, 2012

A beautiful day

Today is a beautiful spring day, the sun is out, the odd cloud drifting along the sky.  Yet, today I'm subdued by events on the football field yesterday.  We find a young sportsman clinging to life and a reality that football is nothing more than a game, and isn't as important some people and myself at times feel.  Last night I was at the BBC in Salford for a sports relief special 606, but that was not only delayed, but also cut short due to the situation that had taken place earlier in the day.  We should have been live, but that didn't happen and whilst some might moan over that, for me it was the correct call, and we'll get the chance to repeat our visit another time as they felt we'd been short changed under the circumstances.  

So this morning has been spent cleaning my oven, and listening to Just A Minute: Without Hesitation, a 3 hour special about this great radio show.  It is wonderful to hear old shows and certainly some of the great old contestants, Clement Freud, Kenneth Williams, Derick Nimmo and Peter Jones as well as some of the younger stars no longer with us, Linda Smith.  I've gone on before about how wonderful this show is before, so I won't carry on, anymore though if anyone wants to sit down and listen to this show  should do so HERE

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