Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Promise Kept

So it's been over a week since I last wrote, the cold got worse before it got better I'm afraid and I ensconced myself to my bed through out the following weekend, and watched the new series of Doctor Who from some where in the middle right through.  I'm feeling a lot better today and have ben rather active this week, though not totally active as I've still got some lingering effects of the cold and also my foot is still sore.  

However, I have to write today as I've kept a promise to someone.  They sent me a message over on facebook, which at first I found odd, and was a little unsure of.  With further investigation, I realised that I needed to look in here and see what I had been writing to see what had prompted the message.  This morning was the first time I'd come back here since and whilst I stick with my response that I gave over my general mood, I can certainly see why the message was sent.  Looking back perhaps I didn't choose my words in my previous post well, however I will point out I wasn't well, I was feeling sorry for myself, but I wasn't expecting any attention as such, it was just me feeling sorry for myself.  So I apologise to whomever for the wording, though I'll probably write similar again should I feel as ill as that.

That was a stinker of a cold, I don't normally find myself in bed with such an illness, however it paid off, in that I could at least concentrate on the Doctor Who episodes more than I would had I been up and about.  Normally when I'm ill it takes a great deal for me to not do anything.  Most people that I've worked with will have seen me at one stage or another working with a heavy cold or in some pain or other.  So for me to be as I was, was most unexpected.  

On to today, I'm off in a few minutes into Eccles, I've got to grab a few minor bits of shopping, before heading to the library to collect a couple of items, and on my way back I'll look in the craft fair and then art gallery, before mooching around the very small and basic farmer's market we have every 3rd Saturday.  I'll come home, listen or watch I don't know yet to the rugby before heading out to the BBC for the first 3 hour session of the Sport Relief 606 special that's being recorded (broadcast, I'm not sure) tonight.  I'm looking forward to this as it was fun last time I was around for 606 live.  No rest for the inactive though, one has to build up the stamina as from Monday I'm going to return to walking again, I'm sure that I'll be able to do my normal walk OK now, with some pain, but not a lot. 

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