Sunday, April 01, 2012

No Kidding..

A new month and officially a quarter of the year gone, where has it gone to I don't know?  It's flown by, I haven't been able to really grasp the speed at which this year has gone so far.  Still time to try and slow down now, and start to enjoy things more.  

So after sorting out my rent situation, I thought that I'd be in line for a new phone soon, but it seems I was wrong.  I was told earlier this week when I paid my latest bill that I'd be able to upgrade as of today, which was wonderful news to my ears, as I pointed out in my last post.  However on contacting my provider, it now seems that it's the end of this month and not the start of it.  So I'm stuck with my old phone for another 4 weeks, not that I can't wait, I've been waiting a while now anyway.  

Instead of walking to the nearest shop to collect a phone I just walked into Eccles to see if I could pick up a bargin or two, I got a small bargin or two, but nothing as much as I have in the past.  Fish for Good Friday and some turkey which I could use in a number of dishes, so hey ho.  On the way back I bumped into an old friend and was delighted to see he's now the proud father of a beautiful little girl.  It was excellent news, as I knew that he and his partner had had difficulties before in there attempts to have children.  We had a good chat, though of course he couldn't chat for as long as either of us really wanted as he was off out with said daughter, either to Manchester or Liverpool to an art gallery, a nice way for any 8 month old to become familiar with art work.  I will have to pop around to his house which is only around the corner from me and has some of my stuff in his cellar, and really natter and catch up.  It's just knowing if he's in etc.  

This coming week I'm out on Tuesday, at an AGM.  I'm not sure what will happen at this event (I don't mean what happens at an AGM, but more how the meeting will develop).  Hopefully it will go peacefully and issues can be resolved. Other than that this week is a very quiet week.  College is closed this week for Easter holidays as it is the following week, though on the Tuesday I'm going in to do some video filming with one of the students for whom I'm modelling for.  I think they've got a good chance of progressing through to the finals if they perform as well as they can.  That would be excellent news for the student and the college again.  So apart from that a really quiet week, I may see if my niece is about and if she wants to do anything, but I doubt it.  When I texted her yesterday she said she was at camp, so I don't know if that's for the week or not.  We'll have to see.  

On drawing this post to a conclusion, I wish to try and understand why for the first two and a half paragraphs of this post nearly every word I added an E to the end of it, it was quite odd.  I have no idea why I was doing it and half the time it was just part of my normal typing action, with no thought process attached to it.  That's the strange part of it, it was instinctive and now after spotting it and making a note of it, I'm no longer doing it and typing freely, though my error rate has increased, which is unlike me again.  I'm not making any extra effort to not type  the letter E and not concentrating on what I'm typing so it's just a complete mystery and one I'm going to try and leave when I finish this post.  So it's a good bye now, and till the next time...... Just be yourself.

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