Saturday, April 07, 2012

Fishy stories

Oh the joys of writing a blog, occasionally one has nothing to write and others plenty.  Sometimes it feels stunted and others well quite the opposite.  Right now I'm feeling relaxed, but not sure where I'm going a common feature I guess with me, and to be honest I've no idea where I'm going with this entry, but as I right I can feel the creativitiy or relaxed attitude to writing this vanishing.

So to relax I'm starting a new paragraph, no longer describing how I feel it's pointless, well it isn't it's just hindering me and half any train of thought that I had has now gone, so I'm really going to have to work to get some where today.  It's Easter anyway and whilst in years gone by and for many it will mean chocolate, not for me, not that I'm to sad about that but that I can resist is good.  I can't say it won't be hot cross bun free, that's one of the delights of Easter food, hot cross buns.  I'm not sure what it is, but I love them to bits, I can eat them without anything like I would an apple, I can slice them and add butter, or toast them, it just doesn't matter they are eaten.  Talking for food and this is sort of a weak link, well the starter is, last night as it was Good Friday, it was fish and now I don't go on about my cooking much.  I can cook, but for so long I've thrown stuff together on the budget I've got that I simply don't cook as much as I like.  Yes, I make meals, but it's hardly rocket science as the saying goes.  Neither was last night, except I've got to say the fish I did was probably amongst the best fish meals I've ever done.  I know it was basic carrots and spuds, but it was the fish that I was most proud of.  I some how managed to cook it to perfection, so the sole, had a hint of lemon, as well as some bite from the chilli and pepper that I'd applied before cooking.  I could try another 100 times and I doubt that I'd even get near to repeating that feat.  

Now onto Good Friday, I know I posted on twitter and facebook that I'm not sure why it's named Good Friday.  I can expand my thinking here in long form, rather than so many character spaces.  We seem to think or the church would like us to celebrate Good Friday, but aren't we celebrating the execution of a prominent figure?  Now with that in mind I'm sure that killing anyone isn't good, the churches own book, the bible has a story about some guy coming down a mountain having spoken to god and with 10 rules or commandments on how we should lead our lives (not that I follow releigion in any way shape or form).  In those 10 rules, I'm pretty sure that one says "Thou Shall Not Kill", which means that Good Friday is actually celebrating the breaking of one of these rules.  Which brings me back to the idea of it being Good?  Why is it good?  Whilst also some how trying to figure out why this day changes every year and how come we don't have a set date when we should celebrate it?  I guess like with Christmas the christian church doesn't really know when the birth of Jesus or death took place, they've added them onto older religious holidays and made them there own.  Which would in some ways break another of the 10 rules, "Thou Shall Not Steal".  

Please don't moan at me if you are religious, I'm not having a pop at you as individuals, it's just that I don't believe and I like to question things, and somethings are quite random in my head.  I blame it on being forced to eat nasty green vegatables as a child, even though they tasted horrible.  Green is beauty, and not something to eat, well it was then.  It's had an effect on me, I'm sure.  With that I'll leave this, I'm going to have poached egg on toast for breakfast, then a shower before sitting down to watch the World Track Cycling championships from Melbourne.  Team GB are doing very well, leading the medal charts with 4 golds, though the Aussies have more actual medals, we can change that today. 

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