Monday, April 23, 2012

New Mobile

I've slowed down the amount of times I'm posting in here, not deliberately, but I just have and that's strange.  I'm not sure where I'm at with that concept.  Still I'm back and writing once more.  

Well, last Wednesday was interesting to say the least, after all the crap I felt and how heightened it was, I've sort of settled back down some what.  However, it's still in me, I'm not through the mud as you were, I'm still very aware of things.  I'll see how this week goes, see how I cope.  Normally I wouldn't be so aware, but due to the football, and how stressed that's going to make me this week, I guess I've got to observe how I am.  Football stress isn't something that I'd normally include in all my normal stress situations, it's a positive stress, one that I tend to enjoy, however I know that after last week, I'm not in a stable place and need to stabalize quickly.  Those moves are taking place, but adding another stress on may make the recover slower or knock it off course, positive or not.  

So what's new?  Well not a lot really.  Actually there is something new.  After last Wednesday, I knew I needed something to cheer me up, so on Friday I went into Manchester to do some shopping.  Now my budget isn't large and I want for very little to be fair, well I say want for little, I want lots to be honest.  My budget doesn't all me that luxary and thus I limit what I do buy and only when I need to.  However, I had decided to treat myself to a new mobile for my room, I'd not bought one for ages, and so I went to the Bridgewater Hall and found one that I'd been looking at for years if I'm honest.  The best bit was it was on sale and having been expecting to pay up to £20 for it, the £2 price was a hell of a bargin.  I didn't buy myself anything else, though tempted as I was by the array of Oilers caps I found?  That's another story all together, I resisted.  Yet finding the caps, buying the mobile and then playing with the cell phones so I've an idea about what I want when I upgrade this time next week, made Friday a really nice day.  The opposite of Wednesday and a calming influence upon me, perhaps I should should add shopping to the list of things that help me.

This week, is a relatively free week, very little planned.  So what happens happens and what doesn't well that won't matter because because it doesn't happen does it? 

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