Sunday, May 20, 2012

Morning Views

Now my tv viewing is limited to a point, however I think I may have to periodically have to publish what I'm watching or not.  I say this as every now and again people ask me what I'm watching and every now and again they go and watch the same shows I'm watching and really enjoy them as much as I have.  That shouldn't be a surprise, but every now and again when the question pops up or someone mentions a show and I've seen it they ask why I didn't suggest it.  That I won't explain here, that's just perhaps a thought that they wouldn't like it for what ever reasons.

So with out further ado, and without any synopsis of the shows I'm watching or why I'm going to list the shows that I've just watched thorugh the 2011/2012 Winter schedules.

2 Broke Girls
American Chopper
Being Human
Being Human (US version)
Craig Ferguson's Late Late Show
Hawaii Five O
Lost Girl
New Girl
Tera Nova
The Secret Circle
The Vampire Diaries

Wow I didn't know I had so many shows that I watch, of those though 3 of these shows won't be returning to the screens any time soon.  I did enjoy Ringer and The Secret Circle.  Tera Nova never got going and it wasn't a shock to see it get cancelled.  

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