Sunday, May 20, 2012

3 Posts in one day, Now that's what I call catch up!

Wow, 3 posts in less than an hour or two.  This on the back that I'd failed to write for almost a month now.  To look back at the last entry before today's rapid fire entries I see that I talked about my mobile.  Well I did title the said entry as mobile, however even I can get confused as I started to write this thread about my mobile phone (cell phone), yet I just checked back over it as I wanted to see what I'd said and realised that the new mobile was the "Expecant Mother", that I've got hanging now in my room.  Silly me.

So as I've mentioned my mobile phone, I should say that I've had an upgrade since the last entry and I'm very happy about it to.  I was at one point thinking of posting an entry from it in here, and may yet do so, but we'll see about that once I've got things 100% with the app and the phone itself.  Not that 3 weeks down the line I'm not used to it (the phone that is), just I'm trying to get what I want on it and what I don't and get it working to maximum for myself.  My choice of phone is another Sony, I do like the phones they make which is a surprise as they are not really known for making the best phones, however I have had 3 or 4 Sony mobile phones now and I can't say I've had any bad experiences with them at all.  This one is just super with a wonderful screen and camera to boot.  

The tale of how the above came about may come out at another date, or later in this post, needless to say it wasn't straight forward and while it sort of stressed me out, it wasn't a stress that I can say was an unhealthy stress more a pain in the neck strain.  The one thing that I will relay now, is being asked to head into Manchester city centre on a Monday evening at 5pm, to see if I could collect the phone from there from the Trafford Centre.  Now in years gone by I'd have possibly said OK.  However, having to use the bus, and knowing it was rush hour didn't make me happy at that thought.  Add to that it was also the night that Manchester City were playing Manchester United, in what was being billed the match of the season.  Manchester would be 4 times as busy as normal, and then I'd have to get home in time for the match etc.  

Apart from that I've been happily walking through the month and even went on a ramble around a country park. I'm sure that I passed comment certainly last month that I forgot about a previous ramble the month before, so this one I made sure I attended.  That was such a wonderful day, the weather was stunning and the walk it's equal.  I'd never heard of Tegg's Nose prior to it being suggested prior to the walk, but would certainly recommend everyone to take a peak at it if you like the idea of walking.  It wasn't a long walk at just over 7 miles, but they did have one or two nasty little hills to climb up, but that's all the fun of the game isn't it.  I took some wonderful pictures on my new phone, which really did come out well.  So well I may post them onto my photo blog.  That's been ignored more than this one over the years, but I go in phases with photo taking.  

I really should try and post more in here this coming week, if I want to maintain some sort of regular post counts for the months.  I feel sort of odd for not posting, but it has been a bit of an odd month in many ways.  I've sat down and felt the need to write or want to write, but have put it off to the following day, and then something has come up and I've forgot.  At no point though have I not felt like posting or wanted to.  I'm not sure how that translates.  Where that places me in the current mood stakes.

Oh why does that remind me to talk about this?  Just as I was finishing that last paragraph thinking this month has gone by, not a lot to report really in terms of my own health as such, and where my some what apathetical approach to posting in here of late, I remembered to say something about this past Friday night.  For what felt like the first time in many years, I attended a night club.  Now I can recall the last time I did this, and with whom and which club.  Though where that would go on the time line of my life I'm not sure.  However, that was certainly a few years ago.  OK, so the music wasn't to my liking, but I followed the crowd and so it was into the unknown into a club that would ultimately end up playing dance music all night or a variety of it.  Now that's not my kind of music, but I can at least understand why so like it and why they can dance to it.  That my knee and ankles paid for it is perhaps the signs of old age.  However I loved it, and though it spent money that I didn't really want to spend, I enjoyed it no end.  Would I do it again? Perhaps, though I'd try and find another club which played music that I'd enjoy more, well perhaps know as well.  Still a fun night and that's important in life isn't it, to enjoy yourself every now and again.

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