Thursday, May 31, 2012

Could I find Jesus??

Some times things are meant to try us, and try us they do.  I've documented how the week began for me.  My legs are getting better I can actually touch them without it feeling like I've grated them and then set them on fire.  I've been able to look at them and think the brambles are bloody incredible, one has drawn an iron with go faster stripes and another rocket shooting up my legs.  Way better artwork than anything I could have done.  My only upset is that at no point did any of them draw me a picture of Jesus.  His image has been found in lots of things, but I'd have been very impressed and might have converted had I found him amongst the scratches on my legs.

I digress and wander off into the bizare.  To compound the issues of earlier in the week things went slightly against the planned yesterday and whilst I put that to one side and moved on, it was to be my undoing this morning.  On getting up, the pc went on and a whole array of problems came with it.  No security software, things weren't loading properly and I just couldn't get anything working.  After calling the tech desk for help over the security issue, I plodded on, and through instruction found how much my bill was for last month.  I sort of expected it to be big, but not that big.  I do accept though that an hour and fifteen minute call to Canada didn't help much.  Still I paid some of that off, raher than getting into any trouble, but still my pc was playing up.  

They suggested I uninstall the software and reboot, which I did, but that caused even more issues and so a second call to the help desk and even on a remote access help they couldn't solve the issue.  So with the promise of a call back, and further investigations at there end I was left trying to wonder why so many things weren't working.  This was begining to stress me out, after everything that had gone on this past week, I was not happy.  So I thought sit down make breakfast and move on. Breakfast made, cup of tea made and I sat down to consume.  I would have done, but the tea was rancid, my milk had started to go off.  I don't know why, it's been in the fridge it's in date and I still had over a litre left.  So that spoilt my breakfast.  

It took till lunch time and a freak accident to notice that my date on the pc was something like 3 months in advance of today's date.  I recall using the calendar to look up a particular date, but I never apply that, I always shut it down.  So I corrected it, and things started to work as if by magic.  Then the pc crashed, so a re-start, and an attempt to re-install my security software, and 95% of the way through it the pc froze again.  I wasn't happy something was the matter, so after going out in the afternoon to a meeting, I came home and it wasn't till 6pm that I got everything back up and running properly.  However, it's left me a little drained, a little sad and in need of some positive attention.  A hug, a message etc or something else, just to cheer me up.  None has been forthcoming, but I will try to find something to cheer me up.

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