Friday, May 25, 2012

Sensible is scary.

The weather is wonderful, I'm melting in the heat, this is not normal for the UK.  However, you won't find me moaning to much, I think I'd rather have this than bright but cold.   So since the burst at the start of the week, what has taken place?  Well nothing to be frankly honest.  I've done very little.  

Earlier today I finished a course that I'd been attending and that felt good to come out of that with some knowledge and though it wasn't anything to enhance my chances of getting a job, it has given me a few things to think about.  I guess one of the things I've got to consider is first impressions of people.  Earlier this year and I don't know if I noted this in this blog, I attended a training day with through the same company (City West Housing Trust).  During that session I felt quite uncomfortable with the actions or comments of another participant.  I didn't feel I could say anything to them, as apart from himself, his wife, daughter and her partner was in the group I was working with.  So I kept quiet till the end of the session and passed on my feelings to the persons running that training.  Now the same husband and wife have been on this training course with me for the 4 sessions it's ran over the past 5 weeks, and I have a different picture totally of them.  So if I did say something, and it's possible that I did, then that first impression has been blown away.

On a pleasing note, I seem to be able to play my music on my PC again, it isn't perfect in that it isn't playing everything and on occasion I've got to give it some encouragement, however I can listen to the music and not get frustrated by it. This is good as it gives me something other than just reading off the internet and sitting in silence.  I can now stay up late and not worry about draining myself because of boredom.  Music does in some way releases some of the crap that builds up in my mind when I am not doing anything, other than reading stuff online.  I can't sit and type in here every day, I know that, it would be worse than it already is due to the inane drivel that I would end up writing.  Half of this is odd, and that's due to my boredom etc.  Perhaps tonight is different, it's been a wonderfully hot day and I've a bottle of wine I'm going through.  I'm relaxed and am letting myself do what ever, and not bother about it.  I could almost go grab some money and goi into Manchester and wait for the clubs to open.  I know it wouldn't be the most sensible idea, but it would be fun.  

I see something is happening to me, I'm becoming senisle, when did that happen?  If anyone has the answers please let me know, as it scares the bejesus out of me.  

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