Monday, May 28, 2012

Pride Dented

I have to write, I've promised people that I would explain yesterday and here is the place to do it.

Yesterday morning I set off for a walk, now I had an idea of where I wanted to go, I had a new route and had marked it out on the maps, it was very circular which is to my liking and meant I would only have to retrace my steps towards home at the very end.  So off I went taking my time, not rushing as it was a hot day, I had plenty of time and was going to take photo's.  I followed the route till a certain point, when it appeared I could go no further, though I did see a route around what was blocking me.  However that went further out than I thought, and then I found myself in some woods.

Perhaps I should have turned around, but I presumed I'd find a path way in the woods which would lead me out and to the point where I should be.  That didn't happen and soon I found myself in the middle of a wood, with no path and the return route was as difficult as continuting.  However, I remained positive I was going in the general direction.  Yet, later rather than sooner, I realised I was in trouble.  I was struggling not only through the dense woodland, but I was running out of water, I had shorts on, in an area where it was thick with nettles and brambles.  My legs were cut to ribbons, stung to high heaven and were swelling up.  They were becoming sore and the amount of stings I'd taken was making them tingle.  My phone battery was getting low, which meant my ability to get me through the woods in the direction would be lost.  

I myself felt lost, I had little or no idea how I was going to get out, I was fearing I'd not get out and so I rang for some help, I then got the police calling me, asking where I was, and telling me to fiind some open space so the helicopter may be able to see me.  It wasn't how I intended the day to go.  I was thirsy, sore, frustrated, disorientated and tired.  What should have been a nice 8 mile, 2 hour to 2 hour 30 mins walk had turned into 6 miles over 7 hours the last mile of that was over 2 hours battling through the wood land.  Then to get out and away I had to jump over a brook that looked vile and smelled vile, which as only yesterday could go I failed by inches to clear.  

So far I've gone through a tube of savlon since about 8pm last night to sooth the legs, it is working but they feel like they've got an extra skin on them, when I walk it feels like the skin is jiggling, it isn't a fun feeling.  I've posted pictures of my legs from last night on facebook.  They are not in a good shape.  My pride has taken a dent, I was going in the right direction, but to get so lost and so fearful wasn't nice.  I'd already nearly lost my footwear through stepping into thick mud and sinking down.  It was foolish I guess to go into the woods, but I know where I intended to go and I was sure I'd find a path of some sort, how wrong I was.  Being a stubborn so and so I went forward, rather than backwards and I paid dearly and still am.  

When I look back on the events I'll remember the bad parts, the horrible parts of how I felt, and yet the start of the walk up the tow path of the Worsley caanal as was wonderful, it was a beautiful day, a beautiful walk.  I wish I'd decided to alter the walk, which was something that I had in my head, just before I turned down the road where I'd planned.  I was going to surprise a friend, as I have been known to do, but I didn't and look where it got me!!

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