Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bird Fights

I ended up yesterday's post being rather bitter and angry and that isn't me right now.  Well it is sort of, but it isn't if you know what I mean?  If I knew what I meant might be helpful.  Still it was good to write it down and try and make some sense of the whole issue.  However, it's done it's dusted and onto today.

From the hail storms of yesterday to a nice pleasant day today, some light drizzle, but mainly a bright mild day, one good enough to hang my washing out to dry, which when I came back from the laundrette I didn't think would happen.  Still to come this afternoon after this post is a little party as such for someone I've known for a long time now, I guess 15 years as this party is to mark her 15th year as a volunteer at Barnardo's.  I'm looking forward to it, it will get me out of the flat and chatting to people, though I've done that already today, though not much.

My ability to write any quality is either vanishing or as I've said before, when I'm in a good place I write rubbish.  I think I need some anger in my writing which is good, but not good, as my best posts seem to be when I'm down or upset and I don't like being in that position and I'm very frank and open about myself when there.  Now as can be seen by this and other posts I'm shy, and almost reclusive, I don't offer much insight which is good, but I do wish it was the reverse of this, in that I could write when in a good spot and not a darker place.  

I sit typing this, looking into the tree in next door's garden, the leaves are begining to grown and soon it will be very beautiful again.  The thing about the tree this spring more than any other spring I've sat and watched it go from bare branches to a leaf laden tree, is the amount of birds either fighting or performing some mating dance.  It's been almost daily now for the last 2 or 3 weeks.  It's very interesting watching them, be it the smaller birds that I have no idea what they are, pigeons or magpies.  It's facinating to say the least and interesting.  

With that I'll start to wind down, I'm going to have a cup of tea, and some ginger biscuits before getting ready and heading off to the party. 

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