Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Scarey, well perhaps.

I like many had believed that spring had brought with it warmer weather. Well if it had then it was short lived, as today it's freezing, in this country I call home we've got places without electricity due to high winds, and snow isolating villages at the start of April  It tried to snow here in Salford earlier on today, but it didn't stick and it quickly turned to rain.  I've been out this lunch time and got back bitterly cold, so I'm enconsed at home trying to keep warm.

However, I'm going to write about someone else today, a friend to whom I speak a lot to, but the more and more I learn about some of the things he's done the more and more I'm shocked.  Now nothing he's done is nasty or offensive, but for a guy his age, some of the things I've learnt scare me.  He's only a couple of years younger than myself, but he owns his own business, but till recently has never had a bank account.  Was shocked to learn once he'd opened a bank account that he could use any branch of that bank to pay money in, and take out.  For anyone in there 30's to not know this sort of scares me and more so that he runs a family business. 

Banks are not his only weak spot, technology is as well.  In his own words he doesn't send text messages from his phone he sends teletexts, now teletext is like morse code, only just around.  So why he uses that terminology I don't know.  He's shocked to learn of some of the things a new smartphone can do.  This is a guy in his 30's not some old person who hasn't kept abreast of all these new fangled things we have today.  

My firneds compuer skills are just as bad.  He's just finished the first half of a course to help him improve his computer skills, he's so happy that he thinks he's some sort of genius.  His delight in trying to tell me how good Office is, and what it can do was funny in how far he's got to go.  He talks of growing up with computers, though his last computer he had was a Sinclair Sprectrum 128.  Nothing from that point onwards, so is it not surprsing that he's so far behind with his computer skills.  

Then I come to last night, he sent me a text message, that was aimed for someone else, but it revealed that he doesn't even know the concepts of a +1 tv channel.  I have to say I laughed at how silly that sounds, but he doesn't even know how they work.  It leaves me speechless it really does, how has he got so far without half of this knowledge.  It scares me that he's been so behind as such, but then he's managed to survive, so I don't know if I should be praising him.  However, either way some of the stories of his failings are wonderfully funny and he doesn't know why.  

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