Saturday, February 11, 2012


It's been a month since I last wrote anything which has shocked me a bit.  Though I've been trying to tell myself to write something, but either not doing so or just not having much to write about.  Today I don't know if I've got much to say really, but I've got some time and just want to put something down.  

The biggest event over the past month I would say is my own stupidity that led to me injuring my foot.  I had to go into the estate agents that I rent my flat from, over one or two issues, and decided to check on something else.  That something else led to me getting upset due to the misinformation that I was given.  I was already worked up, not so much stressed, however the news that I was given really stressed me out.  I tried to compose myself and question the information and they just kept giving me more false information and this was antagonised me.  I couldn't stop myself from getting worked up and stressed, and even though I was controlling myself it wasn't preventing my mood from falling.  

Eventually I had to get up and walk out of the shop, otherwise I'd have either said something or burst into tears, which I didn't want.  As I was leaving they said they'd phone me with some answers to the questions I'd posed.  As I walked out the shop I wanted to scream or lash out in pure frustration.  I saw a small wall around the front of the shop and was going to kick it, but thought better of it, but kicked a lamp post instead.  That lamp post swayed a few inches, it was enough to get rid of nearly all the emotion that had built up, but not quite.  I walked a few yards and sat on the wall, and burst into tears, not in pain but in frustration.  

Once I got over the frustration, and stooped crying I started to walk, but realised I'd done some serious damage to my foot.  I went to my friends house before heading home.  Once at home I knew that I had to get to the hospital with my foot.  I spent the next 5 hours sat in and around A&E.  The x-rays didn't prove conclusive that I'd broken or not.  They plastered my leg, and I had to return the following day, where they took the plaster off and replaced it with a tubegrip on instead..  That was nearly 2 weeks ago, and the foot still has bruising on it, and it's still uncomfortable to walk on.  I'm using 1 crutch at the moment if I'm walking any sort of distance, otherwise short walks are done without any crutches.  

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