Friday, February 24, 2012

Really chilled.

Well this is very strange, I've been really devoid of ideas of what to write of late in social media terms, updates in both facebook and my recently created twitter account have been rather infrequent as I've either had nothing to say or others have said it for me.  I've felt little in terms of inspiration and yet I've felt OK to come and talk in here??  Maybe it's because it's not confined to short sentences I don't know...

However, I'm here and so I'm writing something a bit longer.  This past week has been rather active, and that's been fun.  However the strange concept of me actually stating I'm glad not to be doing anything in here is has just taken place.  Having been out last Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, is just over kill.  The fact that everything fell like that will probably mean I won't have much else to do now till about October I bet!  Ok, that's a random quote which is obviously untrue, I'll have meetings and events to attend, but hardly in a sequence like the above.  So it's been nice to be out and about doing different things and seeing different people.  I think it's been good for me as well, well I think anyway.  I went to the doctors this morning and apart from my bloods, I also had my blood pressure done and that was a little low, which is where I like it to be.  I must be quite chilled right now.

That chilled out feeling is obviously good, and one I wish to maintain no matter what.  The only bad news this morning was the lack of weight loss, however as I've been rather in active over the past 3 weeks due to my foot injury I guess I shouldn't be shocked.  Though of course I can't say I've been eating lots or eating junk either during this period.  Once my foot is back in less painful order I'll start walking again properly.  I had just started to do so when my injury took place.  I'll aim to lose quite a bit of weight in the first month of walking and then continue to lose at a reasonable rate.  I've not got too much to lose, but it's enough I think.  I have my target and whilst that may not be ideal one can but work to it.  In fact if I aim for something like I did when I was walking to get in shape for the sponsored walk a couple of years ago, then I may be able to really attack the issue.  I've got a little something to aim for and to perhaps surprise people.  I know losing weight is ideal, but isn't always for my bank account, as I do need to get clothes that fit me once more, everything seems to be a bit too big for me right now.  Which is good, but bad if you know what I mean.

For the first time in ages I've got my music playing in my room, OK I'm not sure how long it's going to go without jumping or having problems moving between tracks, but it's really quite fun to have the room filled with music again.  If only it wouldn't mess around and piss me off I'd possibly not find the days so long these days.  Still it's entertainment and something to occupy my mind if I'm not watching TV.  I did watch a BBC show from the other day this afternoon, which I found to be really good.  That in itself is a shocker as it had Ben Foggle as it's host.  Swimming with Crocodiles, was rather good.  It was an excellent starter for 10, with one or two hairy moments, though why after watching that first episode when they were in the water with the things and everything seemed fine I am sort of thinking going in with the Australian salt water Croc's is going to be any different.  I think it was the preview which sort of tried to make it look even more dangerous and as if it's a different animal all together. As mentioned in the programme I think it's man's natural anxiety towards creatures that can kill or seriously injure us that makes us a bit weary of Croc's.  However no matter how much the research the people have done and are doing on Croc's will convince me swimming in a river with them running wild is sensible.  At least with sharks we use cages as a defence.

Tonight's going to be pancake night for me. I didn't get chance on Tuesday as I was out at a social event, where I did have one pancake, but tonight I'm going to have more.  It may well be only once a year, but who cares. 

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