Monday, February 20, 2012

Beat the zzzzzzzz's

I'll begin this post by saying I'm cold, I've been cold all day and no matter what I've done to get warm it hasn't really happened yet.  I haven't been out, so I can't tell if it's really cold outside or not, however I don't care for I am cold inside today, and yet I feel healthy.  

Today has been a rather long day to be honest, the fact we are just getting up to 3.45pm is scary.  I spent the best part of the morning watching tv shows, from last night and whilst that took a while to get through due to having 4 shows to watch it was just after 12.30pm I finished, and yet the subsequent 3 hours have seemingly taken up to 8 hours in my mind, it's one of those days where everything is dragging on and on.  To make matters worse in a way I've got a meeting to attend tonight which is due to last for 3 hours or so.  I'm dreading it to be honest, but I can't do anything about it.

In stark contrast to yesterday I just can't seem to get this flowing today, which isn't a shock, yesterday flowed really well, and whilst I had a spark of a reason to blog, today I've come here free of reason, only to try and kill time.  It isn't working really.  I'm waffling along, with things getting stuck and me suddenly getting very sleepy.  Not good when I'm intending to set off for the meeting I'm due to attend within the next 30 or 40 minutes.  

So I'll bid this a good bye for now, and may return sometime

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