Thursday, January 12, 2012


I started out posting daily this year, but with things going the way they were, and with issues over my keyboard (it needed batteries and I didn't get any till yesterday), I have kept away from here till now.  I'm sorry,  no actually I'm not sorry it gave me time to think and time to observe.

Being back in the swing of things as the phrase goes has got myself out of the nose dive I'd been in.  I'm speaking to people on a semi regular basis and I'm doing stuff that over Christmas I wasn't doing as over that 2 week period from sort of like Dec 20th, till just after New Year the world sort of stops and we do our own things.  So now I'm back into the routine of life I'm feeling content again.  I've still yet to see anyone from the house, I'm going to see how long that can last.  It isn't because I don't like them, well I don't like 2 of the other tennants in the property, though one of those two I've never really talked to.  However, I digress.  

Yesterday was a fine example of where I'm at.  I should have been going up to Leigh for an appointment, at 7am I'd heard on the radio of an accident on the motorway near by, but didn't think anything else of it.  I had to leave the house for around 9am as the bus goes just past the hour.  The same bus that I was going to catch when I had the fall the other week.  So I got to the stop a full 10 minutes before the bus was due and waited.   I waited past the 10 minute mark, and then 20 minutes, knowing that I'd have missed the first connecting bus to Leigh, but I would catch the second and just about make it.  However the bus hadn't arrived 30 minutes after it should have.  A bus did pass, but at that point in time it wasn't one I could catch as I'd miss the connection bus, so I carried on waiting.  The second bus which was due didn't come and so after an hour I left frustrated and angry that no busses had arrived.  I called the depot and asked was there an issue, with the thought of giving them a full blast of how angry I was.  However, they mentioned that the motorway crash had caused a 23 mile tail back.  Yet, when I pushed them on the fact that other busses coming from the same place the bus I wanted had passed he had no idea why the one I needed hadn't.  I guess the traffic going to the local shopping centre was hit the hardest, as the busses that came and went, had come in from a different route.  

So had I been in the foul mood I had entered this year in, I'd have swung this upon myself, and really given myself some grief and some how blamed myself for this and would have convinced myself that it's only me that could have that bad luck.  However, it was a one off for sure and it wasn't too bad.  I did miss my appointment, I'll be there next week now, and it's no big loss.  I got to watch all the tv shows that I had stacked up, which in turn gave me the chance to find others later in the day.  Not once did I take a negative outlook on this situation, which really pleased me.

The other thing about yesterday which I found pleasing if not a little strange.  All day after returning to my flat, and having a shower was that I could hear the birds chirping away as if it was the opening salvo of spring.  I know we've had a mild winter to say the least, but Jan 11th is a little early for the start of spring.  It was quite nice to hear the birds singing and made yesterday a rather relaxing and enjoyable day, where as had that taken place 7 days previously I'd have been bouncing up and down and trying to find any little reason to blame myself for what had gone on.  That's progress.  The only negative thoughts that I did have was dispelled in the middle of the afternoon when I got a phone call off my best friend.  Whom I'd guessed was working quite hard of late as we hadn't really spoken to each other since before Christmas.  She called me and we chatted for a while as she sped home on a train. It was so nice and as I say it sort of threw out the notion that I'd said or done something to upset her, and hence the silence.  I had thought that at one point in the day, and quickly threw it out of my head, knowing if I started to look at that thought I'd end up in a bad place.  The phone call was perfect timing.

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