Thursday, January 05, 2012

Brighter Freedoms.

The wind is high, the sun is up, and my mood brighter than it was.  The social aspect of life does work wonders on me, over the past two days I've spoken to friends in person for the first time since just before Christmas, yesterday at a meeting and today I took my niece out for lunch.  Well to the local chippy.  So my mood is high, I think, no I know it's my niece that has brightend up my day.  I don't know what it is, but we just had fun.  Be it chattering away or with her deciding to play with all the little trinket toys I've got on my shelves, we just click.  It's such a shame we don't see half as much as we should do.  

I learnt some stuff that perhaps I shouldn't have, but hey I don't care that's for others to worry about, in terms of I know but they don't know that I know.  However, it was just nice to spend some time free of anyone else.  Well it would have been till she told me that she was going to meet my mum after lunch.  Apart from curtailing our time, it was interesting to find out that even though my niece is now 15, my sister doesn't like her being alone at home.  Nor does she like her getting on a bus on her own.  Yes, perhaps it s a different time to that in which I grew up, but at her age, I had so much more freedom, and expected it, rather than not.  Maybe it's a sign of getting old I don't know, but I was shocked at that news.  

Anyway, I'm still pondering last night's cryptic post, and I am giving what I wrote serious thought. 

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