Monday, January 02, 2012

2012 2012

I sit perched on the edge of my chair, with keyboard on my lap, and seeing some clouds in the distance, but on the whole a bright clear winters day.  I'm just bloody curious then why the weather forcast at around 3am this morning suggested snow and sleet in the North West......  Unless it's hiding some where it isn't looking like it's going to snow or sleet right now.  

Well, here we are nearly midday on the 2nd day of 2012, so that's 36 hours gone, and not a single text or phone call from my family wishing me a Happy New Year.  Why I should be bothered or expect such a thing I don't know.  I'm hoping that I can get to see my niece this week, on Thursday hopefully to go out for lunch.  After last week's abortive attempt which really hurt me.  The plan is there, we've both agreed on it, so I'll contact her either later today or tomorrow to sort out the finer details.  

How am I doing?  Well having been out for a walk early doors both today and yesterday, and by early I mean around 6am I'm feeling a bit better.  A lot calmer, but still not 100% far from it.  I may have been out and about walking, a good 5 miles each day, but I've not said boo to a goose on either of the walks, as there hasn't been anyone to say boo too.  However, it's done me some good and I'm trying to build myself up again.  My attention span is still short, but I'm sure once I've got a bit more calmness into my life I'll find it getting longer again.  

The one thing that I will say about early 2012, (well I've just remembered something else to type so it's two things about 2012 right now), it seems to be going slowly.  In the past couple of days I've looked at one of the clocks in my room, (why I have 3 clocks, and 3 other devices including my PC with the time in one small flat I don't know) and been shocked to find out what time it is.  Last night I looked up and thought it was about 22.30, only to find it was 21.00.  Just now I've looked at the clock and thought it seems so much later than midday.  If this carry's on 2012 will be one of the slowest years I can rememeber.

Onto the other thing about 2012.  Last year we had all the fuss over 11/11/11, however we've I've only just realised we've got something similar this year and it's going to be the last time for a while we'll see this I know.  On Dec 20th, which of course is virtually 12 months away we'll be writing down the date in numbers as such, 20/12/2012...  We won't see the like again till the start of the next century for sure.  I'm sure some where some church of some pokey ancient religion will be claiming it to be the end of the world, and I'm sure some people have a name for it.  All I know it's going to be 2012 2012 ....

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