Friday, June 22, 2007

Was that it??

It wasn't without a bit of pain, but the visit to the dentist was OK, my tooth is still in, but not in pain at the moment. My only wish is that it's pain free for the next week or two, till I get to see the dentist that I've found willing to take me on as such. So it's a case of taking up to 6 tablets a day to keep the infection and pain away. Once it's all done then I can hope to sort out the problem of the acidic taste at the back of my throat. Till the tooth problem is sorted my GP won't be able to make any sort of conclusion on it, mind you once that's done, I'm going to have to get my bloods and liver checked out again, and we all know that that's likely to cause concern.

The tooth ache has in a way helped me calm down a bit this week. It wasn't that I was way over the top or anything, but I was flying along in the excellent frame of mind, and almost oblivious to what others were thinking and doing. I however have been able to detach myself from myself and view what's going on. I'm still no clearer as to why I've been so happy of late. It's really a good mood, and that's it. I'm slightly perplexed by it all, as I'm normally so good at pinpointing things that have an effect like this on me. Maybe it's the James concerts and that weekend, I really don't know, but I can pinpoint the upturn in my mood to that weekend. What it was about it, I don't really know, but it's something I want to package and keep in storage for future use. No matter what, I'm not going to knock the mood I'm in. I knock myself enough when the mood is the other way, but right now it's just so crystal, and everyone at work is noticing how much easier it is to work with me.

I've got my weekend to look forward to now, the day is young and though an hour in work to catch up with things is in order, I've then got nothing planned, and of course if it's planned it's boring. Well that's something someone once said, I'm not saying whom, but I've got it on cd and on my pc. FM, you are still loved and always will be.

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