Thursday, June 14, 2007

Oh no another bloody meeting!!

Laugh, I almost cried.... The meeting yesterday was as bad as the previous days and one I am willing to forget. I'm hoping that the third meeting of the week, the one tomorrow goes far better than the previous two. How does that saying go? 1 out of 3? Well it's going to have to be one of the three to keep me cheerful this weekend.

Seriously though, the past couple of days have been hard going at work, made all the harder by the crap that has been spouted out, but now it's over with I can relax a bit and get on with the day to day business of the place rather than the politics.

The weather has turned back to it's finest rain. The past week and half had been exceptional in terms of the heat and such. From yesterday onwards it's been nothing other than rain. It's needed to rain, if anything it's needed to thunder and lighten, to clear the air as such as it's terribly muggy, but to date it hasn't happened. This sudden change has altered my plans for the weekend, but I'm sure that with time I can alter them quite sufficiently to make it a good time.

As for me, I had to do something I'd not done for years yesterday..... I had to reel myself in, in terms of my behaviour as such. I got into work and those who were there will tell you that I was in a world of my own, and what made it worse was that people were pandering to me and thus I went deeper and deeper into this world and found madness. That's all I can describe it as, when you are talking of going into a meeting with an assistant director of your company, and a senior manager from the local social services and talking of being a tree. Yes, I was going to stand and declare I am a tree. I promise you all that I hadn't taken any medication!!!! I had to calm myself down and then hold my tongue as the meeting went on, which is something I'm learning to do.

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