Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Time for reflection?

Having reached a plateau or at least I think I have in my recent upswing in mood, where do I go from here? Down you say or is that rest and then climb higher? Either way by reaching a constant I can sit back and enjoy what has transpired and also reflect on the positives.

The question needs to be asked though, have I reached such a stage? I can't tell, I don't want to think myself into a state of depression and yet I'm not in the mood to take myself that bit higher than of late, so does that constitute the reference to plateau's? Maybe it does, but why?

OK, let's look at the facts, these past 3 days haven't seen any significant changes in how I feel, perhaps the state of my health isn't helping, toothache, ulcer and head cold all at once isn't a good thing. So that's possibly putting a dampener on things and so I should wait till I get rid of 2 or if not all of the conditions before I put a marker down.

On the outside of my closed shop that is my world and my life, I've got nothing to report. My mum has turned down an offer on the house, which fell £15,000 below the valuation. Mum and Hayley treated the offer with the contempt it deserved thankfully. With due respects to the people who offered, that house is in no need of re-wiring. It was done less than 10 years ago and everything works perfectly. We know that something needs work, that's why the price is lower than I had anticipated, but to offer below that by so much was a joke.

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