Friday, June 08, 2007

I'm fine

Sorry that I've failed to post in the past couple of days. Those of you, who may have taken a look at my myspace blog will have noticed that I've not posted in there for a few days till a quick entry yesterday morning. It's mainly been down to starting work early and then being too tired when I get in to make any sort of entries that are anyway near readable.

So this morning as it's my normal Friday off work, I'm making sure that I redress the balance of the force and post something in here. It's not been a bad week, but it's just with all the work that's been done during the day instead of the evening, it's thrown my body clock around, further messed up, by going out to lunch the past couple of days and not having had a proper evening meal for a couple of days. Strange I know, but I don't know how I'm going to cope today. I think it's a delicate one, as once I got to my mum's last night, my niece came around, and for her amusement last night she felt it would be fun to kick my head. I could have moved, but it was only tapping as such, though some were more forceful than that!! Once I got in, I opened a bottle of wine and after a glass and a half felt very tired, so finished the glass and went to bed. This morning I've a thumping headache, in part to both the drink and head kicking.....

Enough moaning, when I'm in this state I tend to do very little and that will suit me down to the tee this morning. I'm looking around the web this morning, not sure what for... I've been looking at some hockey shops in Canada, too see if I can find one or two cheap Oiler items, but then when I do, I'm stopping myself on the basis that they will be launching new shirts and new merchandise in a month or two, and that's going to mean that the prices will come down further or I'll not want the old stuff as it's out of date.... I may have a sore head, but it does work still. Maybe it's as the title of this blog is being played right now, Queen's Pain is close to Pleasure, it's true, it's really true. So I'm bob bob bobbing along to it.

Oh one of my long time volunteers, whom I admire for so many reasons got a job as a sessional member of staff. I'm so pleased as she's probably one of the last that volunteers that, whilst I was still a volunteer took her under my wing as such. If I include play leaders from play schemes and staff that's about 10 people that I've helped through and that's something I'm proud of, I don't want recognition (perhaps I do?), but it's always nice to see someone you've helped guide succeed.

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