Friday, November 03, 2006

Way too much

Two posts in a day, please don't think that I'm slipping into a depression far from it to be honest. Just that I felt like typing something else right now for no particular reason.

I had a session with the counselor this afternoon, and whilst not as emotional as my previous session I guess that I looked into me as a person more. I told her things today that I've stated here, like how much of a contradiction I am. How I like to be the centre attention and yet I hate being the centre of attention at the same time. She's set me some homework to do, which is easily achievable, and one which I intend doing. Unlike my previous counselor, the home work I get isn't based on reading books or lots of sociology or psychology books. It's plain and simple and one which, whilst not really thinking about it can do.

This sounds really bad, but I'm being honest here, I've found a bond with this counselor and one which will make the sessions work, in a similar fashion to Cherrie, the counselor I had whilst at college. Cherrie is arguably the best I've seen and the one who got most out of me, and I'm grateful for that. She saw me at my very worse and got me through some really dark times. I'm eternally grateful for that, but it's been years since I saw her in a professional capacity and though I've moved on in so many ways since, I've also lost touch with some of the things that she got out of me. She's still one of the few people to get me to a point where I could say comfortably that I like myself and indeed one session I got to the point of feeling like I loved myself. That sadly was a one off, and something that I want to be able to find once more.

So what else? Well it's finally become winter here in Salford, though not quite yet. The tree's outside my place still have plenty of green leaves on them, and no they are not just deciduous trees some of them are plain ordinary tree's and that's very interesting for me. The longer they keep the leaves the warmer the winter is than usual, and that means the world is getting warmer. I miss the cold, dark winter days that we used to have when I was in school. Building slides up and down the playground, on the roads, seeing who could slide the furthest was so enjoyable. Nowadays, the kids have no idea of what fun winter can be. As soon as the nights draw in, they settle in for the winter, on the play station or X box, playing games till it's time for bed and not exploring the outside world. I feel for the kids of today.

Anyway, I'm going to have to leave this post here, to sort out my sound system, as all of a sudden I've no sound from my computer. After publishing this, it's re-boot the system to try and solve the problem. I can't be doing with a blown system right now, I ain't got the money to replace it with.

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