Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Finding Inspiration

I missed yesterday off, I don't really know why, as I could have found inspiration from lots of things to write about. Instead I chose to ignore those and do something else. That's what I call lazy, well it wasn't it was ME time and I've found that I need to have ME time on a regular basis, if I want to retain my sanity and upsurge in reasonable mood.

So after the explosive cocktail that is Bonfire night, it's down to the long build up to the next major celebration in the UK calendar, Christmas. I guess that I should now put my thinking cap on and start to think of what I need to buy. I've been given idea's with regards a couple of people, so I've not got many more to choose from I guess. Yet, it's still going to cost and right now I haven't the funds to afford any presents as of this moment, but will have by the end of the month. I keep forgetting that it's only like 2 weeks away from pay day and I'll have some money to play with then.

Right I should point something out right now, it's not important in the whole picture, but it's worth making a point that whilst I'm writing this my mind keeps a going a blank. I've started to write without a clear picture of what I wanted to write. So for inspiration I've tried washing my dishes from breakfast, and that hasn't work. So this post may go on for a while longer before I decide what the main reason for the post is. I may of course end up just cataloging lot's of different activities that I'm trying to spark an inspiration for this post.

Ok, a combination of things have now helped me move on from above. After getting ready, i.e. washed and dressed I've come up with something, it's not much, but it just might work.

Time is something no one can prevent taking it's toll, if it's not our bodies, it's our minds that are effected by it. No matter how hard we try, how much money you spend against it, time just marches on like a relentless roman army. Now then yesterday saw the 20th anniversary of the appointment of Sir Alex Ferguson, as manager of Manchester United. During that time, he's taken the club, to beyond the reaches of imagination and back, and though he's been paid a great deal of money to do so, and he's had a financial backing few managers in football can claim to have had, he's built sides out of home grown players as well as bringing in the best talent available. It's some achievement, when I read that the average life span of a manager at a club these days is little over a year, so 20 years at the same club is unique. Yet, all the press coverage, and all the accolades that he has taken over the past week or so, is little reward for the likes of you and I. If I class all the years of volunteering, being a temporary member of staff and now a full time member of staff, I'll have been involved with Barnardo's for 20 years next year. Will I get the same media attention? Would any of you?

I'm not belittling what Sir Alex has done, far from it! Being a fan of the club and being privileged to have seen the first 19 years of his managerial cruise, I've seen things that as a kid I could only dream of. I've seen the high life as such, and no other manager could have done that. What I'm trying to say is that the world over there are many people who last over 20 years in there jobs and don't get a peep, and if it's such a huge thing then perhaps they should.

Going back to Sir Alex, he was appointed as manager obviously in 1986, which is a hell of a long time ago, made all the more scary in many ways for myself, in that whilst listening to my media player last night, out blurted Queen, with Radio Ga-Ga from the Live at Wembley 86 cd. So what you may ask, well it struck me that with all the Queen covers and what ever, at that point how vivid and how powerful Freddie Mercury's voice was. It blew me away again, and having already stated that I've recently fallen back in love with music, this was just mind numbing. It's 20 years since I saw them live and still today I can't recall seeing a better live act than Queen with Freddie in all his pomp. 1986 was in many ways a very special year, and in the midst of all of it, I was stuck in high school!

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