Friday, November 17, 2006

I'm Human

Well it's the end of the week and start of the weekend as such, and that normally means time off work for myself, something like 4 days, but not this week. I've got a conference to go to in Manchester, which starts today and ends on Sunday, which means my days off are taken away from me. I hope that I can take them back in terms of time owed in lieu, but we'll wait and see.

I think this week has proven to myself that for all my tough exterior and posturing I'm human and that the one basic thing that I need, that I lack in my life is attention. I know I have Lisa to talk too, but it's always Lisa and whilst I'll never take her for granted, it would be great to find someone else. Someone local perhaps, someone who I could meet up with, go out with pop around and chat too on the off chance. Some one whom I could call a friend, it isn't much to ask or want is it??

I've not done a window weather check for ages have I? Well how can I describe it outside today? Well the leaves on the tree's that I said were still green a couple of weeks ago are now a golden colour, but still on the tree's. The much talked about tree next door, the one that was suddenly chopped down during the summer still has plenty of green leaves on it, as they are fairly new leaves in that respect. The clouds about the tree's are a murky looking the colouratoin isn't too disimilar to the state of the bruising on my leg right now. The clouds are racing through the window view as I type, and so my deduction is a typical Mancunian winters day. Gloomy, with a strong possibility of rain.

The mention of my leg in the previous paragraph draws me back to that topic. Since I posted the pictures on my other site, the bruising has got worse, and even as late as last night I found yet more bruising. This time around the instep side of my ankle, which circles around the ankle itself. From the knee down, my leg is black and blue, and though no where near as painful as originally ( I can walk without a limp, though it still does give enough pain to cause me to limp), it's still nasty. It's going to take a few weeks for this to heal properly if not till next year even!!! OK, let's be honest a few weeks can mean anything can't it, and it's only 5 weeks before the end of the year! 5 weeks it's no time at all is it? Where has this year got too?

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