Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Nine Days

It's been 9 days since my last entry and whilst I promised one sooner, so many other things have been going on that my ability to write anything has been hindered due to time constraints. I can offer you nothing other than that as an excuse.

Well the conference was something I can look back on and say I really enjoyed. I know that some of the material went over my head, but with time to comprehend what went on a weekend ago, it's a bit clearer. I may not be on the boil in terms of actual union business as such, but I'm a bit happier having attended the conference. I'm feeling a bit more comfortable with the proposed role within the union as such. Apart from the union content the networking was excellent and something that I'm glad I was able to do. Life may not be great right now, but with a little help and a bit of understanding things might and I say might just take place.

So what of me? What has taken so much of my time that it has delayed any further posts in here, just as I was getting back into the swing of things? Well I think it's a culmination of work, and me trying to sort myself out. My money situation isn't any better, and I'm still trying to sort that out big style, so I've been spending time away from my place trying to avoid spending money on me, and thus saving in a unique sort of way. I've been doing extra hours at work, which I'm now going to get paid for, I need to sort out what I'm going to be paid for and what I'm not going to be paid for and then sort out the holidays that I can have and want to take. With that in mind, I'll be taking around 5 five weeks off in the next 3 months and possibly 6 if I have to, but I don't mind either. The 5 would be the better figure as that would mean that the 33 hours extra that I've worked will be paid for and give me a bit of a boost in the financial situation and just before Christmas as well.

So with the above and me trying to sort myself out and decide when would be the best to write as I've been in such a state that perhaps writing wouldn't have been the best idea. Not that I don't mind writing when I'm down as the regulars around here can testify, I just think it tends to repeat and that's boring. Also by giving myself time, I've been able to rationalize things and make this a more articulate post.

Maybe once my money is sorted out and I can see the light I may be able to sort other aspects of my life out. I'm being lazy with some parts of my life and that's not fair on me, but then the things I'm lazy about are things that require money and if that's the case they become low priority as such. I am now starting to be more selfish in that I'm going to concentrate on me and me alone again. If people don't like it then they can lump it. I've put others in front of myself too often and I need to be fair to myself.