Sunday, November 19, 2006

A little grain can go far.

Well it's the last day of the conference today, and though some of it has gone right over my head, and some of it hasn't I'm really pleased to have attended. It's been something to meet and network with new people and also to find myself in a position to feel as if some of my contributions will make a difference to the campaigns of the Union. OK, it's only a very small part, but it's still good to feel involved and yes it's going to be a crash and learn run over the next few months in terms of trying to find out what I'm doing and how to do it, but hey that's what probably makes it interesting for me.

I guess only time will tell if I learn and if I can fulfill my ambitions, but it's something along the way to help me feel comfortable. In that I mean in speaking etc, which is something that my counselor has been trying to get me to do. I doubt that I'll speak at the conference this time, though that might change this morning, but even if I don't I am coming to the opinion that perhaps it isn't as scary as I thought and the very fact that I'm contemplating it right now is more than I could have imagined.

Everything else is moving along fine, I'm managing to keep my sanity and dignity at the moment, and that's good. I've had to scrape the barrel as such to keep myself afloat, but it's done with now and I can move forward with my life and hope that for the remainder of the year, I'm in a happy place, free of worries over anything and everything.

I will attempt either tonight or tomorrow to write a bit more, but it depends on how I feel and of course the time issue. Right now I'm going to have to close this down as the first session of the conference today is at 9.15, which is just over an hour away, but I've got to get the Tram into Manchester and then get myself settled, which isn't always easy as those of you have read most of the blog will testify.

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