Sunday, November 05, 2006

Remember Remember

Well it's Bomi night over in England and though I suspect most of the Bonfire Night parties and displays went on last night being a Saturday, I'm sure well have quite a few going on tonight, so for the second night running England will sound like anywhere in Iraq, Afghanistan or Gaza, with all the fireworks exploding. The older I get the less impressed with the fireworks I am, though they can still be very pretty.

Here I am writing without an agenda and apart from the above I've nothing to write, though of course by writing this second paragraph, I'm hoping the creative juices will kick in and send me off onto another reasonable blog entry.

Yes, I've found something, something that relates to yesterday's post as well. I mentioned the call on the Oilers in there game on Friday night that cost them the game. Well since my last post the coach of the Oilers has been fined for "crossing the line" with his comments with regards to the referee that called the game. All well and good, there is a line all coaches and players have in calling the officials before they have to be punished for going to far. I think I said I don't normally agree with the words he used being used, but felt that he had justification in doing so. Well a $10,000 fine seems like a big slap on the wrist for those comments. Though the question has to be asked what of the referee himself??

Well the NHL seem happy enough that he went straight out to the media, and said he made the wrong call, he'd made a mistake and that was that. Well why should it be that? I mean should any of you that read this blog and work go into work on Monday or whenever and make a huge mistake that is openly viewable to one and all, you'd be in big trouble. Would you get away with saying sorry to the press if they got involved before your bosses came? No I doubt it, in fact you'd probably find yourself finding your cards in your pay cheque and a thank very much for the problem. So what have the NHL done to the referee? Nothing in public and probably won't as they see him as being fit for his job. It's a joke! In the UK, the referee's of the top sport, soccer have been promoted and demoted between the top and lower leagues, if they have failed on a continual basis. In fact that demotion can take place for one mistake. The NHL have to make the referee be seen to pay for his mistake.

Rant over, topic isn't closed to me, but it's no point in complaining it looks like the nothing will come of the complaints anyway.

Just to go way off topic, but here we are and guess what we are now 50 days away from Christmas, which makes 49 shopping days to go!! If you haven't got your presents then start thinking and start saving up or else you'll find yourself in trouble.

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