Monday, June 19, 2006

Where''s the Summer gone?

Here I am sat in my room, with the window open to try and keep the room chilled during the summer. It's been open now for weeks as opposed to days, but that's because it's been warm in here, till now that is. It's quite chilli in here right now, but that superstitious element within me won't allow it. In other words till the game finishes tonight I dare not shut the window. I only have one question, and that's where the Summer got to today??

Talking of superstitions, I need to really start doing more research on them, or more in particular some of the origins of them. I do think they have some sort of autistic link, as you look at the most popular superstitions and then look at some of the autistic behaviours displayed, by those recognised as being within the ASD spectrum and they are very similar. I for one know that if playing sports and I need to go out of a door prior to playing I always touch the beam of the door above my head. It's just a tap, but then you look at autistic behaviours and tapping things is something which crops up on a regular basis.

The early basis of research is being formulated, but it's something which is going to keep me occupied for a few weeks I dare say. It's such an interesting thing to look up and find out.

Well so far I've only mentioned the hockey once so far, it's game day for me and whilst it's not far from my thought's I've got plenty of things to do, which are going to occupy me till later tonight when I'm going to get so nervous. I'll follow the same routine as I have done for the past couple of games (another autistic trait - routines that is), and hope for the very best. No matter what I'm a proud Oiler fan, I'll be with you next year and the year after, as long as the Oilers are in Edmonton then I'll be a fan.

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