Thursday, June 15, 2006

Keep Yourself Alive

Wow, that was heart stopping!!! Another Oiler win, this time in OT, with the whole series hanging by a thread. That's guts, that's courage and to do it short handed.. That's just dog gone plain crazy. That's though what's win's cups, that's what inspires me to follow this team, that's what keeps me awake till 4am watching this.

Away from the hockey, life isn't bad, work is awful. Well no awful isn't the right word. I'd say right now that work is probably as bad as it ever was working at Springwood. The difference is that if things turn around here, the future will be bright. At Springwood there was no future, plain and simple.

When something has been working for 22 years and in that time they've evolved to what they are today, why with 7 weeks to go before this years incarnation do you alter the training methods which have worked for all these years? That's what's taking place at work right now, it's plain crazy. I could and would accept it if the training was failing the volunteers, but with due respect to those giving the training, it isn't perfect, but it's worked for this long, so why change it now? It could have been done for next year. Instead the bosses have riden a tank through everything and altered it. The already low morale in the camp has now vanished to a void of darkness.

Still even whilst thinking and writing the above, I keep seeing vision's of Fernando popping the puck into the net.... Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day...

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