Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Pain is close to Pleasure

Speechless, words fail me, never has the title of this blog been more apt than whilst recovering from watching any sporting occasion. Even last years FA Cup final loss to Arsenal on penalties doesn't come near to this one. It's going to take some getting over in the next 24 hours or so, because that was so painful. I ended up walking out of my mum's house at 4.30am this morning and driving home, as I couldn't even stop under the roof where I had watched the game it hurt so much.

The Oilers lose a game that they were winning 3-0, they lose the goaltender who has been white hot all post season, they complete the pain by gifting the Cane's the winning goal, with a blunder straight out of a Hollywood horror flick. What Ty Conklin was thinking about I don't know. We've got to win 4 from 6 now, we can do it, I know we can do it, it's not impossible, but our task is now a little harder than it was yesterday. We've got to regroup, we've got to instill confidence back into the team and our back up netminder who ever it is taking over from Roli. I've not lost the faith, but that bloody hurt.

Away from sport yesterday was quite a normal day in many respects. Work went well, though I got a complaint from my manager about the money we spent on ice creams on Saturday for the children. Why didn't you take crisps with you? Well it's obvious, we were due to go to the pictures and changed our minds at the last minute. We had other things to do other than think about crisps. I'm not going to stand for this on Saturday, when we are going to a restaurant for a meal. It should be fun when the manager finds out. She'll complain like mad, but it's not my choice, my idea was to take them some where to watch the England football game. Still if that's what's been suggested and booked then, who am I to question it. I'll go with the flow and when I take flack for it, I'll deflect it onto someone else, this one isn't my doing.

I'm going to leave it here, my throat is sure from the screaming I did in my car on the way home last night. 3 minutes of pure emotion let go, and my throat is now very tender, which indicates the frustration and hurt that I felt after that game. For Oiler fans the question, Where were you when Conklin gave up THAT goal? goes well along side, Where were you when Kennedy was shot?......

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