Thursday, June 08, 2006

Hero's Hit

Quite apt that right now, I'm listening to The Hero by Queen, from the album Flash. It reminds me of the line, hero's hit, I'm going in after him. Well last night's Stanley Cup game has left me feeling like my hero's been hit, and hit hard. A 5-0 loss in the finals isn't what you want, you don't want that any day, but least of all in the finals. Still it's now 4 from 5, and that's still possible, it's been done before this year by the Oilers, but they've really got to up there game.

As for me, well my throat is still sore from screaming after game 1, and Conklin's cock-up. I'm trying everything without medical interventions, like not speaking or shouting if I can help it. Eating plenty of dried toast in an attempt to scrape all the badness off the throat, and drinking plenty of water. I can't say it's helping, but I'll carry on. Work hasn't been that bad to be honest, though I've kept to my own promise as such as to not work too many over time hours this week, and right now I'll be fine as I'll be 1 hour under my contract hours. That will please someone, but not everyone else. I've asked for cover for next Tuesday, but I doubt I'll get it though, that group never get's any cover and it's really annoying. Still I'll be on induction training so shouldn't really care.

Life apart from work and sport is still quite boring, I'm not doing much else. There isn't anything else, but right now I'm not letting it bother me. I'm plodding along breathing and feeling ok with myself. I've stuck to my guns over driving at work, which is having a positive effect on the rest of my life. I guess one thing can help other area's. Still I'd like to get out more, or at least get to see others, apart from my mum. It's a very dour lifestyle that I live, but it's the only one that I've known or can afford to be honest.

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