Thursday, June 29, 2006

Unpleasant Thursday

Today hasn't been a good day at all. It started off fine and dandy, in fact I made some bread for the first time in ages and to be honest it made me feel good. I needed to treat myself and that was it I guess.

After that the day went down hill. I went into work, all fine and dandy at first, but that went down faster than the titanic, and then the iceberg itself struck me. I'd called my former employee's to find that one of the good people up there who has just retired, has cancer, and it's inoperable. To say I'm devestated is an understatement, she's the last person in the world that I would have wished this on, and would have expected this news from.

I get to my mum's and someone to whom I grew up with, his wife died of cancer over the weekend, so that was part two of the news, and of course as things come in three's it's 5 years to the day since my dad died tomorrow. I'm not feeling on top of the world tonight, which is understandable. At times like this I attach myself to my family more than ever, and I don't like them being called. My family is coming to an end, there is no one after me, I'm the last of the family and it's time's like this that I hurt, I hurt badly.

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