Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Pain revisited

Well the trail to playscheme's has began, and of course while the road is taken, you'll hear all about it on here. Maybe it's because it's the big thing of the summer as far as work is concerned or the fact that for the last 19 years, I've always done playscheme's either as a volunteer, temporary member of staff or staff.

Yesterday I saw my niece for the first time in a couple of weeks, and had to go through the agony of watching game 7 of the Stanley Cup all over again. We also had to go watch the cup being presented..... It was the first time I'd seen that and to say it hurt badly was an understatement. Next time it won't hurt, the next time it will be the Oilers lifting it. I'm not saying next year, but the next time we reach the finals we'll win the cup.

My neice was in a jovial mood yesterday and we really had a lot of fun, more so when she decided I was a cushion and a cushion she could kick and hit. One day Ill return the favour and she'll be so upset, but hey if we can't have fun while she's still young then there's a problem. She even told me that my christmas present from her, is hockey related..... Not sure what it is, but I'm already eager to know what it is.. Though my birthday comes before Christmas.

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