Friday, June 16, 2006


So Friday begins the end of the working week, well it is for me this week after 2 consecutive weekends. It ensures that tomorrow I'll be quite full of energy and eager to stay up till the early hours of Sunday morning watching 40 men skating on ice, hiting a circle of rubber around with sticks.

I'm not going to be doing too much today, but enough to ensure that at least one child and parent are happy. I try not to work on a Friday normally, but this week is an exception. So it's not too bad, and I actually think my line manager realises that I try to make Friday a work free zone. Still it doesn't stop her asking me to work etc.

Yesterday was a funny day, one spent trying to rest as much as possible as I'd had little sleep due to watching the hockey of the night before. Whilst resting I had to try at least to justify to myself that by resting I was doing good. I did very little and yet I feel quite good about it. It's really strange at the moment, maybe it's because my body clock is so screwed up, by stopping up to watch the hockey that I'm not sure what's my left or right, or up or down.

At this moment in time, I'm sat in front of the monitor with no other sounds apart from the sound of the keyboard, and nature outside. The back garden has been occupied this morning by 2 grey squirals. Though I'm not a fan of grey squirals in general, watching these two has been fun. I suspect by there actions that they are a couple, which makes it all the funnier. If only I had a video camera to tape them. Still that would in a way spoil the fun of it all for me. Quiet days watching the world float by are essential to one's well being, and so far today it's one of those days.

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