Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wildlife or Sport

No deadline, no outlines, just a blank canvas.  That's how I'm going to approach this entry today.  So this could be drivel, it could be good, lets just see.

Where am I?  It's a good question that I'm asking myself, apart from being at home, in Salford of course, I'm in a positive point in my life.  I'm not feeling down, yes I've got worries, but they are general worries which I can deal with between now and then, I've got some stress, but then that can be healthy.  I can see hope, and no hope in the same distance, and whilst both lie down seperate paths, there is another path to lead which I'm happily walking down, it's one that I'm comfortable with, it doesn't lead down to a miserable point, like the no hope path does, and unlike the hope path it's not leading up to the top of the mountain, where it's really easy to fall off onto the no hope path.  

So things are OK, which is good, going into a season which I hate quite a lot really.  I know I've talked about this in the past, how I dislike Christmas, but right now I'm not going to pay to much attention to it.  We are now what 10 days away from the "big day", I've got 3 cards in my room, and that's it.  The weather is cold, but it's winter and that's it really.  I'm not exactly in contact with my family so I don't have to do Christmas with them, I'm not having to go out of my way to do anything really different than normal.  So hey ho, it's just another day for me this year, and that is good news.  

What will be interesting however, will be the reaction of my family to the cards they've been sent this year.  I wonder what the fall out of that will be?  I know my sister and brother in law, will not be happy with me, or they'll be trying think of an excuse to tell my neice about the card, but I await to see what the out come is.  I wonder if they'll suddenly remember I exist, or where I live for that matter?  I doubt it very much, I expect the cards to be delivered via the ice cream man again.  I can only but wait I guess.  My Xmas meal is sorted out, turkey lasagne, I've got the mince, got the lasagne sauces ready, all I need now are more sheets of pasta, some pepers and bacon.  Then it's all done and dusted.  

Last night I was out at Salford Quays, listening to and watching an interview of two former football players, Jimmy Arnfield and Jim Coombs, the later also played cricket for various county teams and is now CEO of Lancashrie Cricket Club, who featured so much in early September of this blog.  I had thought it was going to be recorded for future broadcast, but no, it was a one off chat, between themselves and the presenter Jaqui Oakley of the BBC>  It was a wonderful night really, two sportsmen from an era long ago, talking about there own careers and those of there own heroes.  Then post the end of the interview, and whilst the majority of the audience left the building the two of them stood chatting to some of the audience, and answering questions that hadn't been able to be asked during the main session, as well as discussing other things.  I'm so glad that I was able to go, but it was also one of those events that I wish I'd been able to take my father and my god father for that matter, both of whom have long since passed away.  They would have loved to have listened to and possibly asked a few questions to both of these wonderful gentlemen.  

There you have it, the end of another blog entry, however one minor point, whilst waiting in the lobby area of the new BBC Sport building at Salford Quays, I thought I was either drunk or on some medication, I saw an elephant walking around on two legs and and giraffe that was 7ft tall doing the same.  OK, so it was the club mascots of Everton FC and Lancashire CCC, however it was rather random.  The whole concept for Lancashire having a giraffe as a mascot is odd, though I suspect as lots of people refer to Lancashire as Lancy, it's come from that and the tallest of the animal kingdom is a giraffe.  Still it's very, very odd.

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