Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Venturing Out

It's a gloomy mid winters day, it's been raining for most of it, the tree's are bare the sky is gun metal grey and it's cold inside, so god only knows what it's like outside!!  I'll be venturing out soon, to go speak to someone and then to go do some shopping towards my tea tonight.  I'm going a experimental run for Christmas, in I'm trying out a couple of new items as opposed to the trusted, just to see how it tastes and if it's good enough for Christmas dinner.  

That's my only venture out today, I'm awaiting a phone call from the estate agents to tell me what's happening over the water heater in my flat.  It has a history of tripping the electric in my room, first of all it would trip the meter in my flat, but then it started to trip the fuse box switch for my flat in the cellar last year.  The land lords handy person came out and said it really did need replacing and he'd get onto the land lord over it, but hey it's never been done.  Much like the fact that the damp that has been attacking the flat for well over 2 years now hasn't been treated, even though the estate agents have notified him after the last two yearly inspections.  I have my own thoughts as to why this is so, but I can't prove that, but I maintain to myself that I'm right on this one for a change.  

Whilst I'm awaiting this to be seen too, I've switched the water heater off at the switch and at the mains box in my flat, it blew out twice yesterday within the space of an hour or so, which wasn't good as my pc was on both times, I'm just lucky it wasn't damaged by it.  However, I'm not going to take the risk again so I've got no hot water in my flat, well I have if I heat some on the cooker or use the kettle to boil some water, but it's labourious and time consuming in comparrison to having the water heater.  I can cope for a short period of time, but anything more than a couple of days and I'm going to get very angry at the estate agents over it.  I know it isn't there fault, but they are the point of contact and if I don't get onto them and express my frustration and anger they won't be able to express that to the land lord will they???

Not a lot has taken place since my last post, I've potter around, had to put money in the gas meter for the first time since March, but hey that's not too bad as it takes only £7 to fill that up, so £7 of gas over 9 months isn't bad at all by my reasoning.  Mind that means I don't use my fire that much, say for the odd 20/30 minutes here and there.  I'm using alternate methods to keep myself warm, methods which have proven harmful in the past, but hot water bottles do the job perfectly well, as the only places that get real cold are my arms and hands.  Its increasingly becoming harder to type this entry as my hands are quite cold right now and are starting to seize up a little, even though I'm typing quite quickly to try and keep them moving.  

One thing has puzzled me of late and it's a mystery to me, but at least 3 people have asked for my address of late, OK I can guess why, but of the 3, 2 I thought definately had the address and have posted things before, whilst another was given the address in September, though I can't recall if it were online or via a text message which might easily have been deleted.  It's as if the world has decided to wipe me from the address book of everyone.  Mind you at least it's a reason to communicate with people, and they've had to communicate with them.  It makes me happy to communicate which is something I've spoken about at length in this blog.  So I shouldn't really complain, though it's not a complaint, more my inquisitive nature as why this has happened over the past week and from so many... 

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