Saturday, December 03, 2011

My Little Black Book

I know what I want to title this entry, but it isn't going to get a title till I finish it.  This one is the 500th entry into this blog and whilst it's taken just over 8 years looking at the time frame on it, I make no public appologies for it being that big of a time span.  I may well have started off well intentioned and in some years really worked hard to make many a post.  This year has been rather productive and I've almost come back, to blogging to help myself out rather than anyone else.  However, I'll wait and see how I go before I really make any comment about a whole scale return.

On reading some of the early entries I can see that some of the stuff being written then ring too today.  I for example made comments over leaving the field of work I was in and how little experience I had outside of it.  Two years ago that move was made and I've since had no job, and finding it difficult to get into any other field due to my lack of experience.  That was quite a forward thinking entry I guess 8 years ago!!  No this blog has helped through the bad times, it's been a place for me to write down my emotions, sometimes when I've been bad I've not come here, and not written and after this past year or so I know I've been rather foolish I guess in ignoring it.  

Anyway, lets not get sentimental with all this gushing of praising myself for 500 posts, I could have done so much more over the years, and should of, but then again I had no idea that I'd get here and be still writing in here when I first started to write.  I'm sure that Janet, who inspired the blog in the first place no longer reads this, and apart from the occasional posts over in Oilfans I've hardly seen her online since then.  I'm sure she's doing very well over in Canada, doing whatever very well.  

Today is going to be a day of doing not a lot really, I've showered, I've got this years first Xmas card, and that's it.  The weather can't decide if it wants to be bright or cloudy, Dry or wet and I guess mild or cold.  It isn't exactly suggesting go for a walk today.  I know I should, but I'm still suffering from my fall earlier in the week.  So I'n going to leave the walking till I feel better.  It's for the best I guess, as I wouldn't be able to push myself if I'm not 100% and of course I'll be a little fearful.  Which is certainly something I'll have to conquer.  So I'll spend the day doing very little, though I will listen to some football and catch up on one or two tv shows that I missed last night and that's going to be it.  I doubt I'll go out today, though I know I'll be bemoaning myself if I don't and be in a foul mood.  Well I won't, as I'll be wary of falling into that position, but I guess I'll want some sort of conversation with someone rather than with myself, which I'm doing right now whilst typing this entry.  

Hmm, this is becoming rather fragmented as I'm playing scrabble online, whilst trying to type this entry, OK the scrabble can wait, but it does give me a chance to reformulate my thoughts and send me in new directions, and that's always a good thing I guess, it gives me more ideas to add to this post.  Though not all are great, like thinking if this could be 500 words long.  Even as I type that, I know it won't happen, but as an alternate perhaps 500 lines, but that's just crazy, and I don't want the hole 500 theme thing to it anyway.  

Yesterday I asked for a usual day, rather than a "normal" day as we know normal doesn't exist, and so it was a uusal day full of up's, downs and well near enough everything inbetween.  Such is life, and such it is right now, that one thing I'm struggling with of late is to be able to come up with little quotes on life or even find some really good ones that I like.  My little black book of quotes hasn't had anything new in it for ages and whilst I could add freely to it in the past, now it's quite difficult.  So perhaps the aim/target/resolution for 2012 (apart from a job/money etc), will be to continue writing and to search for within myself, and from external sources quotes to add to my little black book.

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