Sunday, December 18, 2011

3 Phase Days

It's a chilli, sunny Sunday here, but one that looks really pretty out of the window.  Over the past couple of days I've been trying to sort myself out or at least looking at why things had taken a turn for the worst on Friday.  I think it was a blip, a crash and though I can't say I'm not prone to those it does seem that it was just that a crash.  

I spent yesterday in 3 phases, early in the morning I went to Eccles to pick up some shopping, only one or two bits, but that was the plan.  It was the farmers market, and so I was looking around there and saw a friend, whom I'd not seen for quite a while so we had a nice chat over a cup of coffee, which warmed us both up.  Whilst I was out, I had a text from another friend, who said she'd call me, I had to delay that, but delay we did and we had a nice but short chat over the phone in the afternoon.  That was phase 2, which again was nice.  We'd not spoken to each for as long if not longer than it had been between myself and my first friend I'd seen.  However, I had to curtail that conversation, as I had to go out to a radio show at the BBC.  That was fun and a entertaining way to end the day.  That was phase 3, and made sure that the day ended really well.  I got home had something to eat, and not long afterwards I was in bed and asleep.  

What a difference a nice day can do to one's mood and it certainly was nice.  As I keep saying being socialable is something I enjoy and it proved to me how much I enjoy it.  So I sit here now listening to the radio and feeling tons better than I did late Friday night. 

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