Sunday, May 27, 2007


I'll start this entry with nothing but stupid thoughts as to where this is going. I've already accepted that cracks are showing in my bright mood of late, and I can't identify where they are coming from, but cracks are there.

So this is going to be jibberish, this is going to be about anything and everything that's flying around my head. If anything this is going to be a version of Monty Python's Flying circus, but from my head and not the genius that wrote the original. Yet, how dare I compare my mind to them? Well it's in a head that functions ok for an abnormally functioning head!! See what I did then regular readers, you'll NOSE what I mean by that..... Oh the joy of punning, it's a smile bringer.

Alex and Jose the squirrels that inhabit the back garden, who squabble constantly have returned. I've not seen them as a pair for ages, and neither of them seem to have grown over the early spring. I wonder just how much sleep they had this year. Still it's enjoyable to watch them, as them fighting is one of energy and speed. It's an observational skill test to keep up with them, but that I can after months in squirrel fighting observation school, other wise known as not having a job to go too before 2pm....

See my head is spinning with silly ideas, and I could continue, but I want some of this silliness to be retained in case I see my niece and then I can throw some of that at her, and keep her happy, whilst giving me something to put my energies too. It's a tricky place in my head, any magician's wishing to trick in my head can do, but by that you have to go inside and fool some of my brains guards with slight of hand. See Why would I want people inside my head? This can't be right? Am I on drugs? No, have I ever been, apart from prescribed ones? No, so this is just odd.

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