Monday, May 21, 2007

It's still early morning, well early for some people, but I've been up close to 2 hours now and I'm ready to face the world. The sun is shining and a cool breeze is blowing outside, it promises to be a fine early summer's day if it maintains this.

So the weekend didn't go to plan, but that's football, I can't predict that and it's one of the few things in life that whilst it makes me down, I can recover from quite quickly. Saying that however, I'm still not down, I'm still on this high and I'm getting used to this right now. Perhaps it's time to call Debbie and arrange some sort of meeting with her. I'd rather see her like this than when I'm down and her having a go at me for being that way. However that's for later today I guess and to try and get something sorted.

This week is a fragmented one with work, due to my union meeting tomorrow and Wednesday, so it's going to be a good week in that respect, followed by half term, which is always fun as I get to alter the times for all my clients and make sure that I've got everyone finished by 6pm if not 4pm. That's the beauty of this job I guess the fluidity of it, which can be a problem for the children, but it's great for everyone else.

I should point out here that the post that I was looking at within Barnardo's last week isn't going to happen just yet, it was promising and it's something that I'll keep an eye on, but due to it not being a full time post I'm not going to pursue it further. I contacted the school as suggested by HR, but they did say that they currently have no full time posts available. In a way I'm very glad, I wasn't looking forward to moving to Yorkshire for the post, but had it paid better then I had to consider it very seriously. Still I'll keep looking for posts here and there and see what's out there. I'm happy at Salford Families, but it's all the in fighting and management style that is getting to us all. I don't think we're being heard by anyone and that is so frustrating as we are a good team, one which does our job and is will to change and adapt to any circumstances. We'll wait and see what happens from the "team building" course they've sent us on, but I'm unsure if the management team will acknowledge what has taken place.

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